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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    JKS. I'm from Blair Co and work in Cambria. Not many around us I know of that have this passion.
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    Booked for my first safari

    My brother and I have hunted with Philip twice. On both occasions we kept an on-line daily journal of our hunt for friends and family to enjoy. You can still read about our journey by visiting The password to enter the site is Magnum. It isn't a fancy site and...
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    .300 WSM - Advice for Plains Game

    I have hunted with one of my 300 WSMs a couple of times on plains game hunts. Used factory Winchester ammo with 180 grain Accubonds. I don't believe it is sold any longer although I have seen it for sale on several web sites. I believe Winchester now loads the Silvertips instead. On kudu...
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    How Do Y'all Pay for these Safaris?

    Sounds like you have already started the process when you said you "dream of going on a safari." In my opinion, that's a critical first step. Many of my hunting friends have no desire to go thinking it is dangerous, expensive, or not their thing. You've obviously done a little research and have...
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    Hunting Namibia with Khomas Highland Safaris

    Great video Philip. Brings back plenty of good memories from our visit.
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    Looking for advice toward my first Safari

    One of the best parts of a hunt is planning. Figuring out where to go, what to hunt, how long to stay, and what to take along will take far more than the actual hunt. Have fun and enjoy.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris 2017

    Be careful what you say Philip. We're already tossing around the idea of another visit next year.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris 2017

    We've also been trying to video our hunts which is harder than it looks on the tv shows. Here's a link to the eland hunt: Philip has it posted on his Facebook site as well.
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    NAMIBIA: Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris 2017

    If you want a more detailed story of our hunt, we maintain a website for our friends and family which we updated every day of our hunt. It's at The password is Magnum. It's more like a diary than anything.
  10. Hunting Eland Namibia

    Hunting Eland Namibia

  11. Fishing Kabeljou & Blacktails in Namibia

    Fishing Kabeljou & Blacktails in Namibia

  12. Hunting Namibia

    Hunting Namibia

  13. Namibia White Rhino

    Namibia White Rhino

  14. Glassing Game Namibia

    Glassing Game Namibia

  15. Namibia Leopard

    Namibia Leopard