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    New guy from the PNW

    Welcome to AH!
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    Jambo from SC country boy!

    Welcome to AH!
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    Cheers from a big bore addict from Canada

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Guy From Northern California

    Welcome to AH, Garrett!
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    New guy - thinking about Africa

    Welcome to AH!
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    Chamber-through erosion on Browning a bolt 375 h&h

    Welcome to AH, I have never had a problem with Browning A-Bolts. Did you clean the gun every year after use? If so I’m surprised there was a problem. If if doesn’t affect accuracy I would just clean the rifle properly and call it a day. Once the damage is done it’s hard to get it perfect again.
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    New trophy room completed!

    Beautiful space you have created!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Congrats! 7 meters, wow!
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    Hello from NJ

    Welcome to AH, James!
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    Hey ya’ll from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from Lawton Oklahoma

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hi from Bush Africa Safaris South Africa!

    Welcome to AH!
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    Welcome to AH!
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    Newby from Colorado

    Welcome to AH!