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    Update on Chinko and CAWA

    Dear all, I hope this email finds you well and in great health. I am sorry for a long silence from my side, but things have been very busy this side with many new developments. Please find attached a pdf which reflects some of the trophies and gives an idea of the past season. As some of you...
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    Running for Anti-Poaching

    Hi All, Trust this finds you well. Just wanted to forward a link (see letter below) to a great initiative and if you have ever wanted to suport a private individual for conservation, then this girl is the right one to help. She is running a 90 km ultra marathon in the hottest and most hostile...
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    Central African Wildlife Adventures

    Dear All, I hope that this finds you well. The 2014 season has just finished for us and even though it was quite a lot smaller then previous years due to international hunters being worried about the security situation in the country, due to the terrible media coverage we have on certain areas...
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    Giant Forest Hog Pictures

    Giant Forest Hog pictures from the Central African Republic, enjoy!!
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    Giant Eland Pictures

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    Giant Eland Pictures

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    Giant Eland Pictures

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    Giant Eland Pictures

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    Giant Eland Pictures

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    Giant Eland Pictures

    Giant Eland, aka Lord Derby Eland, pictures from the Central African Republic, enjoy!!