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    How do you reload 1 caliber 3 different rifles, same recipe

    Try Hammer bullets as they are not sensitive to jump distance. Barnes are supposed to be adaptive as well. If these monos do not work you may be sol with this endeavour.
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    Home Range

    Natural berm with additional soil from 100 yard lane. Planted with Crown vetch to reduce erosion. Various types of targets placed in front of berm.
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    Unicorn gun!

    My wife and I also recently acquired a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .300 H&H. We were both born in 1951 and had been looking for a '51 for a couple price and condition we could live with. My wife was/is really excited about the purchase, which really adds to the total enjoyment...
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    Judging Bongo

    Beautiful majestic animals. This is my first exposure to Bongo. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos and article. Much thanks.
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    275 Rigby & 300 H&H Brass & Bullets For Sale

    Offer: (75) pcs. Norma .300 H&H brass.....$75/shipped
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    Tough decisions

    South America is a separate continent. If you are free diving (not scuba) for pelagic species, I would call it hunting. The environment, quarry, danger, skill and preparation surpass whitetail as an adventure. $1,000 spear GUN with 20' range, 60' depth, holding breath for 1-2 minutes. Then...
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    Howdy to All

    Welcome to AH from Virginia. I am also a new member and find the site and people to be full of knowledge and camaraderie.
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    ZIMBABWE: A Sable Despite

    Congratulations on your hunt & trophy. I enjoyed reading your prose of the week in the bush.
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    New guy says Hi

    Welcome to AH. Enjoyed reading the history of your double rifle.
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    Thanks for the add

    Welcome to the site, from Virginia. Love some of the details in the metalwork on the Simpson.
  11. D to be updated

    The new look and function is easy to use/navigate. I am familiar with the photo setup from other sites, and it is the only way to go. Being able to view all the photos in sequence without going back & forth to the main entry saves time and allows easy comparisons.
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    What do you make of this?

    Clean/scrub the barrel again and take another look.
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    Portable reloading outfit I fabricated

    The Buchanan Press is a new(er) design with better ergonomics and leverage compared to the Huntington. Purchasers have raved about its quality and operation.
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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    What are flights costing 1-2 years in advance from east coast U.S.?
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    Which is the best game meat?

    I forgot to add in my previous post... A few days after I arrived in the Olympic Peninsula ('72) I wandered into the lodge on the west end of Lake Crescent, which was pretty much closed. The female owner was eating at the restaurant counter and I asked what she was having. She replied "cougar...