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    PH and Fly-fishing guide

    I am also very new to the whole Bow fishing idea but here in S.A all the alien species may legally be hunted and the main ones guys go for are Carp or Barble (Catfish). From the fishing side of things we manage a couple of dams at venues around S.A and need to control certain invasive species...
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    PH and Fly-fishing guide

    That is great to hear Brickburn, you are quite correct Tiger fishing is great fun. We have a lodge up on the Zambezi River (Zimbabwe side) where we take guys tiger fishing and even pick them up on fly. I would love to see some pics of the fish you have caught in S.A. Kind Regards Daniel
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    PH and Fly-fishing guide

    Good day all, I joined AH a year ago but have had little to do on the site. I completed my PH course last year and have enjoyed a couple of hunts through the past season. I am working for a company who offer fly-fishing clinics, covering the basics and introduction into fly-fishing right...
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    WANTED: Cull hunt and fishing SA

    Hi Dan, We can offer you a fresh water fly-fishing clinic. We specialize in fly-fishing from teaching basic techniques up to an advanced level. We are based in JHB but fishing venues all around Gauteng. Let me know if you interested i can send you a full description. Kind Regards Daniel...