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    If You Lost Everything

    1. Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. 2. Bergara Ridge 308. 3. Anshutz 54 Match 22. 4. Winchester pre 64 375 H&H. 5. Everything else. DB
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    Eastern Grey Kangaroo Hunting

    Interesting. How many questions do I get? What is a roo shooter as opposed to a Pro shooter? DB
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    Eastern Grey Kangaroo Hunting

    What is "shooting for the box"? DB
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    .45 ACP recommendations

    I've never heard anyone say I should have brought a smaller caliber after a gunfight. I also have never heard anyone say I had too much ammo either. DB
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    .45 ACP recommendations

    I was a diehard 45acp fan boy for 40 years. With bullet technology like it is today, there is not much difference in 45 vs 9mm. Ask yourself, if you had to choose between 15 rounds or 8 rounds heading into a shots fired scenario, which would you pick up? I know it is 1911 45acp heresy, but a...
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    Wolf attack in Poland

    Slice, shovel, shutup.
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    Why no Varget and 300 H&H?

    I have been looking for a load for my 300 Mag with Varget. None listed anywhere I can find. Emailed Hodgdon. Tech said no load data. Said Varget is a bit too fast. Varget loads are listed for 300 WM, 375 H&H, 458 WM. Doesn't make sense. Been shooting IMR 4895 loads that shoot great but I have a...
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    Conservationist West Mathewson killed by his lions as wife allegedly watched helplessly

    One should show a healthy respect for anything that is above you in the food chain. "tame" or not. DB
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    Winchester Model 70 375H&H Wood & Synthetic Stock Exceptionally Clean

    It is my humble opinion that the South Carolina made M70's will be more desirable in the future because they are the last ones made in USA and the several I have handled are of exceptional quality. Nothing wrong at all with the Portugal M70's fit, finish, or function. Just that Made in America...
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    Winchester Model 70 375H&H Wood & Synthetic Stock Exceptionally Clean

    I think it is a South Carolina M70. The Portugal ones say assembled in Portugal. 2007-2013 were South Carolina made and assembled.
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    Maker of "MHD" Rifles? Another one. DB
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    Want To Buy 300 H&H Brass

    Thanks to all for your responses. I'll pm Terry. John J thanks for the offer, but I was looking for homeless rescue brass. That sounds champagne and caviar brass. LOL DB
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    Want To Buy 300 H&H Brass

    Looking for 20 to 50 cases. DB
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    Cell phone calls and texting is ruining the hunting experience in Africa

    Anywhere can have " no coverage ". Just turn off all phones. DB
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    Most exellent Ross Seyfried .577 article

    Private indeed! I was reading a forum the other day and half the posters were sure he had died a while back. When most people think you are dead, that's being private! Well done Mr. Seyfried. DB