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    Food supplies

    It took 22LR 4 years to stabilize. Just saying. TP and 22LR have a lot of similar characteristics. DB375
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    Suggestions for powders to stockpile

    The amount of powder you need is dependent on how many primers you have. DB375
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    What is wrong with people

    I'm glad we have all these people that are smarter than us and don't mind sharing how we can make our dim lives better. I for one don't know how I would exist without proper supervision. DB375
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    What is barrel life like on the safari calibers?

    And a new shoulder. DB375
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    Fenix d22
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    New M70 375

    I have a New Haven Super Express 458 WM and a South Carolina Classic 375 (after New Haven and before Portugal). The Fit, Finish and Function of the pre-Portugal South Carolina made is outstanding. The Portugal assembled rifles are no slouches either. The 458 was one of the first made after they...
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    Original Barnes 350 bullets

    There are some supposedly original Barnes 350's for sale on Castboolits right now. $40 box of 50 shipped. Just a heads up. DB375
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    If you have anything that is more than you can use in a day, you are a prepper. It's just a matter of degree. Also anyone that references you as a hoarder means they want your stuff. I call it pre-stocking. DB375
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    The Urban Man Eater

    Thank you for your reply Stephen. DB375
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    The Urban Man Eater

    Stephen, How can you tell? I just looked at leopards, Jaguars, and panthers and they all look the same to me. DB375
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    Why We Hunt

    That my friends is hilarious. Onions moving through the bottoms and a B and C bok choy on camera. DB375
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    New To Reloading Need Beginner Help

    I can help the OP, just three years late. Myrtle Beach. DB375
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    Brno 602

    Update: Almost poked but a Pre 64 Win 308 stepped in the way. Both Brno's went for decent deals. DB375
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    For Sale Ruger African 6.5x55

    Thank you Bob.