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    The wanderings of an elephant hunter ,free book archive,org

    You can also find works of F.C. Selous, Chauncey Hugh Stigand, James Sutherland, Denis Lyell, Samuel Baker and others there.
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    Identify bullets

    Just checked again - and the Woodie FMJ 400 is indeed a little bit longer than the RNSN. Guess that the steel in the jacket might be the reason.
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    Identify bullets

    I think that you are right. They sure do look like the bullets I have. Could it be that the FMJ is 450gr? (didn't think about looking at the length when I went to check just now). The last one, with lots of lead showing, I'm not so sure about. But something in the back of my mind whispers...
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    Fire forming: .375 H&H Magnum to .423 (404) Jeffery

    Hi Gert, do you have an estimate of how many times you've reloaded the fire-formed 375 cases?
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    35 Whelen vs 9.3x62

    Laws/regulations are funny. In my neck of the woods big game requires minimum 9g (140gr) bullets producing 2700 joules (??? ft-lbs) @ 100m, or 10g (155gr) bullets producing 2000 joules @ 100m. This means that the 6.5×55 is juuust about legal for bears, boars and moose. (Moose are not "hard"...
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    Which rifle do we crown as the best looking ever?

    Not there yet - but I have high hopes for this one. Got a picture from the stockmaker earlier today. Just a bit of water on it to show the potential. Won't know for sure for a few months, though. Still early days. It's for a Sako AV in good old 30-06. Gloss blued action and barrel. And an orange...
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    404 Jeffery - coated HC boolits?

    44 cal gas checks work fine, and if you order a custom mold, make sure to say that you plan to use them so you get the correct shank diameter. I use a Lee push-through sizer die in .425 (custom order). Took forever to get it, and may now be harder still. But a sizer die is not complicated, so...
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    FFP vs SFP 1-10×28mm scope for Plains Game

    That reticle is far too detailed for my personal taste. Way too many things going on. But that is of course subjective. What I'm wondering about (more objectively) is the eye box, field of view and the exit pupil. If you say that buffalo may be on the menu, it would probably be advisable to...
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    Please Recommend A 220 Grain .30-06 Springfield Factory Load

    IIRC, I've read that the Sako HH is bonded, but the Sako SHH is even more so. :-) It could be that the HH has a "mechanical" bond like Hornady Interlock, i.e. some internal crimping that keeps the cup and core together. The SHH should be 'fully bonded' like other more modern bullets like...
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    404 Jeffery - coated HC boolits?

    @Jack Stevens No I have the K variant. I don't recall exactly how it came about, but it was something like "I like the 43-400J, but I want to have a wider meplat, and thicker nose". I slugged my barrel and measured it to .424, so I wanted the bullet to drop out of the mould at no less than...
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    404 Jeffery - coated HC boolits?

    I might be "that member" . Accurate Molds are quick and provide a great service. I basically went through their catalogue of existing shapes and specified the basic model I wanted, and the exact measurements. After some emailing back and forth these turned up in the catalogue as the 43-350K...
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    Guns and ammo in stock!

    Is there any good explanation as to why this happens? I mean that I guess it is known by "all" that every election year there will be an increased demand for ammo and reloading components. Or at least that is how I've perceived it from across the water. So why aren't the manufacturers prepared...
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    404 Jeffery reduced loads

    You can get into casting and get your own custom made mould for approx $100 if you want to down that rabbit hole. I can very much recommend Accurate Molds, from whom I bought a 4-cavity mold of my own design. (2×350gr + 2×400gr). Unless there is an existing market for cheap cast bullets for 404J...
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    Thoughts On Sako Fiberclass 375 H&H

    That sounds like a bad thing indeed. However, I do not see a lot of complaints about the triggers on Sako, rather the opposite. @Sarg What model is the rifle? I believe that "Fiberclass" is more of a designation of the stock (and other extras) it came with. (like 'Hunter' 'DeLux' or...