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    My son’s first rifle

    Excellent, congrats to all on a job well done.
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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to the dark side, hands down the best hunting site on the interweb
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt In Zimbabwe With Martin Peters Safaris

    Congratulations, thanks for the report.
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    Electrical Storm......

    Very cool picture. Wouldn't want to be standing around with a rifle when that storm passed over.
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    My Zambian Buffalo Mount (am I being too picky)

    Thanks all, wasn't getting anywhere with the taxidermist seems he knows more than me on what it should look like. Decided to just have it shipped to me, will deal with it when it gets here next couple weeks.
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    Updates from this year with Mbizi Safaris Zambia

    Michael, congratulations to you all. Thanks for keeping us up to date, your pictures bring back some great memories from 2017. Mbizi is truely a special place and I hope to make it back there some day. Chuck
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    Got My Africa Trophies Back

    Looks good, congrats on getting them home.
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    My Zambian Buffalo Mount (am I being too picky)

    Thanks, you called it, has built up a boss that was never there and never would be. There is a ridge around the boss then down to the skin across his forehead that ridge is still there on the raw horns. He's trying to add something that was never there. It's like trying to add brow tines to a...
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    My Zambian Buffalo Mount (am I being too picky)

    It's has been more than 3 years since I shot my Cape Buffalo in Zambia, 1 year to ship and 2 years at the taxidermist. I have been requesting pictures during the process but other than one when the horns were mounted to the form I hadn't received any until they e-mailed me to say the mount was...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Another Nice Hunt With LJ Safaris

    Congratulations and thanks for posting, it's never too late to post a hunt report here especially this year!
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    Hello from Indiana, USA

    Welcome, glad you joined in.
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    Hello from Cape Town

    Welcome to the dark side. Good to have you join in.
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    My Leopard Arrived Today!

    Very nice! Congratulations.
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    Coutada 9 - 7 Days In Mozambique

    Very informative article, thanks for posting
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    Greetings from Limpopo, South Africa

    Welcome to AH, Glad to hear that your sons got you into hunting, it's usually the other way around. Good luck and share some hunting stories if you get the time.