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    WANTED: 2 Hippo Hunt In RSA

    I did it... but his prices are over my budget. I am not looking for a monster hippo, just two exportable hippos, in a good place Jose
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    WANTED: 2 Hippo Hunt In RSA

    I'm looking for late 2017 hunt for 2 hippo in RSA ; probably Sept 2017 Looking for good prices, hunting 2x1, 3 days incl. Best regards Jose
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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Picture Number 9 for me Great post !! Thanks !! Jose
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    species in the caprivi... what you shouldn't leave behind.

    Red lechwe is common in the river areas and it is a beautiful animal. I hunted there two years ago, and it was quite common there. Definitely is a good plains game to combine with other dangerous game.
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    lions fighting

    Amazing pics... thanks !!!
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    Big cats vs Crocodile

    great !!! Thank you for the pics !!!! Amazing images !!!!
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    In my opinion, in the internet era, when all the hunters compare... it is fair game from the outfitters to publish their pricelist, and keep the prices fixed all season long. Having the "hidden" pricelist and sending to each different clients makes people feel cheated... like if maybe they could...
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    Planning for FIRST HUNTING SAFARI-- in 2012

    Wellcome to South Africa !!! Hi Edelweiss Congratulations for your decission... the first African EXPERIENCE is something unbelieveble, and you will NEVER regret it. The options are huge, but maybe South Africa is a good country for your first african Safari (easy access, high level hunt...
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    46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

    Congratulations !!! Great blue bull !!! And great memories for the rest of your life !!!! Jose
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    Buffalo Bull Hunt in South Africa - 6.900€

    We have a good oportunity to hunt an old buffalo bull, is a dagga boy, expected size 35 inches, and hard and wide boss. The animal is more or less similar to this one, but this one was 36 inches wide. We hunted it last July month in Kimberley area, South Africa. The regular price for this...
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    Mejor Destino para la Caza del Bufalo

    Pese a que no es un destino tan "salvaje" como tanzania o Zambia, yo acabo de regresar de cazar mi bufalo en Sudafrica con Spitskop Safaris, ya que Sudafrica tiene la ventaja de que solo pagas si matas, y los precios son razonables, ya que por 9000€ (unos 12.000 USD) tienes tu bufalo con tu...
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    Caliber for Leopard

    338 is excelent for leopard BUT definitely i wouldn't take the Nosler Partition, really HARD bullet, and in such a soft target like the cat..i would prefer the Nosles Accubond Jose
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    Judging Waterbuck

    Congratulations Nyati !!! Awesome trophy !!!! I like the shape of that old big bull.... Jose
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    My first Buffalo Hunt : Any good Advices ???

    No, is not Godoy. I have excelent relationship with "Armas Parkemy" in Eibar; they do all my resstorations works, and they are really efficient.