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    DSC and SCI 2023- Who's going?

    DSC on Friday for sure (and maybe another day as well), and plan on going to Nashville to attend SCI for the first time.
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    In memoriam - "Deadeye" has fired his last shot

    Very sorry for your loss, and prayers going out to you and your mother
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    My current bike is a 2010 Street Bob. Older pic from when she was new
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    Looking for a spot on a Texas lease for son

    My escape was short lived @375 Ruger Fan as I’m back in West TX :A Bang Head::E Laugh: There are definitely some good opportunities for crane and geese hunting close by (towards Lubbock) for reasonable prices. Deer leases can be harder to find and can be quite unreasonably priced in some cases...
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    Montana Safari Elite 404 Jeffrey With Swarovski Habicht 1.5-6x42

    Price? Does it include the scope? Thanks
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    Stage 1 for the SCI 2023 AH Dinner

    The wife and I plan on attending
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    Importing rifles from Canada to the USA

    Used I Run Guns back in 2018. Was $225 CAD plus the final shipping from their US store in AZ to my FFL.
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    Best Chest Pack for Swarovski 15x56 Binos

    I’ve used the FHF Gear bino harness for a few years. According to their sizing chart on the website the large model should fit the SLC x56.
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    Been Blessed With A Grandson