Country of residence
State/Province of residence
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About You
dedicated slug hunter
I am a
  1. Hunter
Member of
NRA, Shotgun shooters assn.
Have you hunted in Africa?
Number of times I have hunted in Africa
My favorite African country
South Africa
South Africa
Species I have hunted in Africa
Kudu, blue duiker, blue wildebeast,impala, bush pig,blesbok,springbok
My best African Trophy
Kudu, 40" Thordale Safaris, Kirkwood, SA
My favorite African trophies
Kudu and Impala
My preferred weapon(s)
My custom Reminton 870 with Remington Accutip slugs, Hastings barrel, and Timney trigger
What weapon(s) do you hunt with?
  1. Shotgun
My preferred optic(s)
Pentax 2.5 X 10 X 56mm scope Nikon Binoculars
Gear I cannot live without
My hat, no hat, no hunt
My best hunting tip
Stay in the shadows and ALWAYS watch the wind.
My other interests
Making knives, scuptling antler, playing my dulcimer and native american flute. Laying with the dog.