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    Hello from South Africa

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    Hello from Cape Town

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    Hello from Indiana, USA

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    Electrical Storm......

    Bring your 1 iron. Even God can't hit one.
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    Dakota Rifle Stock

    It's an attractive piece of wood. I agree with Von Gruff's comment about stability. If you are really worried about cracking or warping, router a channel under the barrel and epoxy in a length of (scored) drill rod. I've done it on a couple of builds and have never seen any variance.
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    Help with decisions on a rifle build

    You didn't mention if you like to shoot varmints. If so, I'd go with Hogpatrol's suggestions or .22-250 Rem or 6mm Rem. (I have both and like them a lot.)
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    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    I wear the same kind of hat that I wear when practicing with a rifle or shooting trap, skeet and sporting clays. A drab colored ball cap.
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome from yet another Wisconsinite.
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    Big Tech censors hunting page

    If everyone uses this rationale, we'd never make a dent in their income. What about my second question: Are you confronting friends, relatives and neighbors on their support of liberals and the like? This is the really powerful action we can take.
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    Big Tech censors hunting page

    How many here have quit FaceBook, Twitter, etc. and encouraged their family members to do so as well? Frankly, there's not a lot of impact that we can have on tech giants and liberal politicians except making relationships uncomfortable with the people who support and vote for them. Whining...
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    Western Colorado Hunting Outfitters

    Does anyone have first-hand experience hunting with Western Colorado Hunting Outfitters? I'm researching for a 2021 or 2022 elk and mule deer hunt. Please don't send recommendations for other outfitters at this point. I'm only beginning my research. I will certainly ask for recommendations...
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    British Columbia Moose hunt

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    Ruger Safari Magnum

    I experienced the same issues with my RSM in .416 Rigby, but removing the burrs from the sides of the ejector and installing a heavier ejector spring cured the problem.
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    Bison kills hunter

    A cautionary tale indeed!