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    NAMIBIA: Namibia With Westfalen Safaris 2016

    Awesome story, thanks.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Our Current Trip To Africa

    Yes live in the USA, But in the state of ny and cuomo says no we cant have them.
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant, Leopard, Cape Buffalo & Plains Game with Nyamazana Safaris

    Awesome report, congrats on your fine trophies.
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    Finally Got My Trophies

    Congrats, they look nice! Nice to see what mine will look like . [emoji41][emoji106]
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    AGENT: Anyone Have First Hand Experience With EAI Outdoors?

    Went on our first safari with eai outdoors in may of 2017, had a great time. Our ph went above and beyond to make us happy. We hunted every day and finished our list with about a half day left so we didnt do anything extra. Prices are very good there compared to most places and i liked the...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Our Current Trip To Africa

    We used his rifle, a musgrave. 308, i never saw a need for one till i shot one. Now i wish we could have them here. So nice.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Our Current Trip To Africa

    Was great being at your camp, excited to see the new one when we come again.(still dreaming of a buff like yours) Keep in touch and let me know when and where you'll be in the US, you have my number! [emoji2]
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    NAMIBIA: Hunting In The Kalahari With Omuramba

    Beautiful report, can't wait for the end. Congrats on your fine trophies!
  9. Zip Lining in South Africa

    Zip Lining in South Africa

  10. Taxidermist Trophy Room

    Taxidermist Trophy Room

  11. Guineafowl Hunt South Africa

    Guineafowl Hunt South Africa

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Our Current Trip To Africa

    Since we had time to kill our ph Tiaan took us around to do different things. We got the chance to shoot some Guinea fowl, go zip lining, and to visit the taxidermist where our animals will be done. First pic is of 2 i got with one shot. Second is at the end of our zip lining adventure. Third...