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  1. Nature South Africa

    Nature South Africa

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    Doo doo doo lookin out my back door

    After 10 days and 7 inches of rain it is looking lush and we are gonna have some great hunts if our clients get to camp
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    Hang in there

    That mitigates a lot of things
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    South Africa Reopens Schools, Borders As Virus Cases Fall

    Those 80 000 shots they received today will take us a long way ;)
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    Greetings from SW Florida

    Welcome to AH Steve, we all hope things stay on tract that there can be some hunting done this year!!! Enjoy
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    Hang in there

    I like that @Kevin Peacocke i think you are right
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    New member from Missouri

    Welcome @Berettaco Enjoy the planning on the next hunt and looking forward to you sharing your experiences with us
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    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome @Kevin Wagner
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    Hello from NC

    Welcome to the forum, you are halfway there, take the jump and do it!!!
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    Hang in there

    Good luck to you all experiencing this, we keep you all in our thoughts, at least now some of you know what our country call load shedding is like. The only difference is you have a natural disaster causing your power outages. Ours are caused by our incompetent Government
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    Custom No1 in 500 Nitro Express

    Very nice looking rifle!!! and i like the Caliber;)
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    New To AH

    Any time is a good time to hunt Africa It is usually good months for Bow hunting as it tends to be a little dryer then as it is right at the end of our hides over water holes will be busy. Wind might be a factor
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    Welfare Warthog With A .38 Special 2-Shot Derringer!

    Thanks for sharing great story
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    New To AH

    I have never dealt with him directly but had clients in camp that has been with them that only talked well of him and his wife. We also share a few mutual friends