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    Kimber Talkeetna 375 H&H For Sale $1,650

    Fantastic rifle at a fair price! Congrats to all!
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    Norma Brass At Clark Armory

    Looks like it all sold, hope everyone got in on it!!
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    Norma Brass At Clark Armory

    Just had a conversation with Clark Armory about the status of my order, they 100% handled it like a pro. They have a happy new/future customer, and I need to build a 300 H&H...
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    Norma Brass At Clark Armory

    This is the way!!
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    I'll be, The "Sako 500 J" arrived!

    Let us know how it shoots! I almost bought one pre-COVID, but put it off too long. Now it sounds like they’re about impossible to get...
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    Norma Brass At Clark Armory

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Ruger RSM .416 Rigby & Lifetime Supply Of Woodleigh For Sale

    Great rifle! Awesome offer.
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    Browning 725S For Sale

    Great Shotgun, I have the Pro Sport and love it!
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    Richards Microfit Gunstocks

    I finally got around to seeing how the inlet fit in the stock posted above. It is NOT a drop in, the inlet is .15” too narrow based on two separate actions. Not what I was expecting out of a “99% inlet,” but I’ll win in the end!
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    For Sale Left Hand AHR CZ550 500 A-Square

    Beautiful rifle, Sir!
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    For Sale CZ550 375H&H

    Ha! For about 30 seconds I thought I made a bonehead move!!
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    For Sale CZ550 375H&H

    I’ll take the stock. PM inbound
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    For Sale Zeiss V8 Victory V8 4.8-35x60 With Zeiss Ultralight 36mm Bubble Rings

    Fantastic optic, the illumination system in the V8 is second to none! Their new rings are slick too.
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    Would you like a Cigar?

    Friday afternoon Zoom meetings are just different
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    Wanted 338 Win Ammo Or Components

    Andrew - Check the post just listed by Gillettehunter.....