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    For Sale Custom .458 WM Mauser Action

    Mort Hill it was really a pleasure to meet you. and hear about your hunts. I look forward to keeping in touch. Hoping that you feel you got a fair price on a rifle that you can go out and enjoy. Let her rip!
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    For Sale Custom .458 WM Mauser Action

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    Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari Cancellation Hunt Caprivi Namibia 7 Days

    Curious as to how the wife would respond to this as an xmas gift for myself. For anyone up in the air, GTA puts on an incredible experience. You will not be disappointed.
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    The Secret Seven

    No Zorilla?!
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    For Sale Custom .458 WM Mauser Action

    Bumping this.
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    Wanted Verney-Carron Double Rifle In .470NE Or .500NE With Ejectors

    I would certainly appreciate a copy of that PM if you have time.
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    Zimbabwe End Of Season Hunt Specials 2020

    What fantastic deals!
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    ZAMBIA: Buffalo Hunting At Mbizi Safaris Game Reserve in Luangwa Valley

    Were you able to confirm if the buff you killed was the same one originally shot?
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    What are the Ins and Outs of a Leopard Hunt

    Fastrig - here is your solution. Excellent mix of quality PH and price.
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    Namibia Relief Hunting Packages For COVID-19 2020

    $18k+, all in for a Buffalo in that area is is good deal?
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    For Sale Custom .458 WM Mauser Action

    Thanks for that and I do not disagree. I absolutely know the wood is off-putting to some. I just need to get a price for it between what I paid and the "will be the cheapest piece of art on my wall" number. I think, given the action and the barrel, there is a "parts value" that is perhaps...
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    Botswana sanctuary owner killed by elephant

    So, if this is your life's work, are you happy about going out like this or pissed that it finally bit you / ironic. I am sure his loved ones feel differently than he would have before it was too late.
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    For Sale Marlin 1895SBL 45-70

    Jump on the 458 I have for sale. Will make a killer platform for a rebuild or shoot as is (which is basically unfired). I may be one of the weird ones that think just about nothing is worth more than 2/3 of what someone pays for it when you don't have a warranty