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    Interesting interview this morning on ABC news with retired US Navy Admiral William McCraven"
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    Buffalo, Kudu & Plains Game Hunt Only US$10,000

    Excellent deal!
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    Ethiopia's Tigray province reported to be ‘heavily bombarded’ by nation's military

    So with Ethiopian Airlines being one of the few options during COVID, this may cause one to rethink if the fighting escalates and expands. Yet another 2020 issue to deal with! The Tigray region is in extreme northern Ethiopia...
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    For Sale Ruger African In 375 Ruger

    Great caliber! Good luck selling this rifle, a great deal at your asking price.
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    @rookhawk did you get your mounts that you mentioned for a October-November pickup?
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    AHR .416 Ruger For Sale US$2,750

    I'm surprised it only holds 3 down. I thought one of the trademark benefits of the CZ-550 action was a larger mag capacity.
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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome, great intro!
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    The Republican ticket is going to be wide open the next few years. Hawley and Cotton sure are impressive. Haley, I'm not onboard with, although a Haley & Hawley ticket has a nice ring to it. So does "I Pick Cotton" for that matter. Candace Owens needs to run for Congress. She'd be the...
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    Marquise Love, the BLM protester that did the round house kick to a non-protester in Portland, sentenced to 2 years in prison. Maybe, just maybe, the Portland folks are coming to their senses and will realize who the real bad guys are and punished them accordingly...
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    I saw where Kyle Rittenhouse got out of jail, posting a $2 million bond.
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    Moose hunting techniques

    I have a post rut hunt planned for 2021 in BC, northwest of Ft St John, so been watching this thread to gain some useful tips. We'll be hunting Oct 15-25. I found these articles with some interesting nuggets of wisdom