ZIMBABWE: My 10 day Buffalo and Plains Game hunt with Sango Safari's

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports' started by drew416, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Zimbabwe, Namibia.

    I concur wholeheartedly. But the same thing happened in Zambia in 2010 when I was working there in a Copper Mine and was applying for my multiple entry business visa, for the first time. They weren't getting away with it the second time around when it came time to renew.

    Same thing will happen again with the Zimbabwe officials. Like I said- It would not stop me from going back. A little bit wiser now and am familiar with the paperwork and procedures. It makes a big difference portraying the image of someone that knows what he doing compared to the "walking ATM machine" image of a first time tourist.

    Tipping and gratuities was something else I could not get my head around. Here in Australia we are NOT a tipping country. You get paid to do your job, no matter if it's a standard effort or excellent. In fact when I do a good job on a project at work I consider myself very lucky if my boss just gives me a kick up the arse and yells, "why did it take so long!".

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