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    Since we are (once again) exibitors at the yearly Dallas Safari Club Convention during 5 - 8 January 2012, we want to know from you whom are visiting these type of conventions or hunting shows the REASON(s) WHY YOU VISIT these hunting shows?

    Are you perhaps:

    - visiting with PH's (our Outfitters) you have hunted before?
    - attending Seminars?
    - gathering general information for a potential safari?
    - visit specific Outfitters / PH's with a potential safari in mind?
    - gather with friends (social event)?
    - view hunting related gatchets?
    - ???

    Any other reasons?

    Your comments in this regard would be helpful...

    Stop by at booth number 1956, Hall E, Dallas Safari Club Convention, 5 - 7 January 2012, Dallas, Texas, USA.
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    All of the above!

    My wife and I will be going on our 1st safari this spring, she wants to go the national convention in Vegas...however I'd rather spend the $$$ on more animals for this trip.

    We are fortunate to be following the footsteps of friends who just went last year-so a lot of resources are at our disposal now.

    We will plan on attending future shows..whether the Dallas or the international show to research and learn about future destinations, outfitters, taxidermists, etc. I admit it could be a little hard to book such a trip on site at a show, with an outfitter that I would meet there for the first time..I'll imagine this feeling would be the same for a lot of the "clients" attending these shows.

    What I would like to know is do most outfitters exhibit at both the Dallas and SCI National Conventions?

    If I am to pick one show to travel to and meet outfitters, from all over the world, which show is better?
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    There s a show in Calgary Alberta that I am planning on attending in January. It is specifically a all Africa hunting show.

    My reasons for attending, to gain knowledge of different outfitters, aswell as different areas and what they both offer. To become more familiar with pricing, aswell as what is expected from both outfitters, and myself on safari. And perhaps most of all, to dream.

    Also, I looked at the list of exhibitors, and was honestly a little dissapointed. It was much shorter than I expected, and the only name I recognized was Johnny Vivier.

    The only reason for this that I can think of is that perhaps on the world scale Alberta is, unknown? But the fact of the matter is we have a booming economy, with alot of people with alot of disposable income. Something that in these times seems uncommon. Alot of these people are tradesmen, and although would love to hunt Africa, have never been exposed to it, and have never really looked into it because they are under the misconseption that it is only for the super wealthy. They have no idea how attainable their dreams are. Shows and conventions do a great job of exposing people to new things.


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    Desertloper, Certainly all outfitters don't attend these particular shows or both of them.

    I attended some shows to begin to get a sense about what was offered and get some brochures.
    At the show I visited EVERY booth and picked up information.
    Then I went to the NET for more background!

    I think that some people try to visit the shows to get a sense about an outfitter or agent by personal interaction.
    You may "hit it off" or not.
    Listening to "pitches" as you looked at the booth gave me significant information.
    I certainly did determine who I would not hunt with. (I hate pushy sales people.)

    The outfitters I chose
    (which I only determined after significant interaction, that could not have ALL occurred at a show in my estimation)
    1. They had the trophy species I was looking for (not, we can drive to four concessions to hunt what you want);
    2. Longer term records of operation (although one company was technically brand new), exhibited openness, honesty and integrity;
    3. Reasonable rates, not the lowest, just in line with the quality of the offering;
    4. Attention to detail, responsiveness (prompt replies to queries) and professionalism were very important;
    5. Willing to negotiate and flexibility. (each outfit modified the offering slightly for me before and during the hunt)
    6. Great references supported our decisions, they did not make the decision.
    7. Web sites that had up to date information. (not old price lists and "only the best trophy" pictures over the last ten years.)
    8. Professional Association Membership (current)
    9. Provided CAE's and License numbers.
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    Usually I go to a hunting show, when I have money in my pocket and up and coming time off from work. I can tell you after following outfitters for the last 15 years, one thing is consistent things change. And anyone that doesn't pay attention to who got out of the business and who got into the hunting business gets left in the dust. Prices change, areas change and new things are alway on the horizon.

    I agree with Brickburns points! I will add that I like to see pictures of all past clients pictures of the animals they took, chronicle in order. It can be in electronic or actual pictures...makes no difference. This gives me a good idea of what is available. I can understand brochure costs getting out of hand. I like to see prices clear stated on one page or more. I agree the outfitter that is more flexible does get more business. And the outfitter that responds fast gets even more business.

    I will say for the record that I see enough hunts that are not on the up and up...mainly from Africa. Before I receive complaints...I'm talking about PAC hunts, offering hunts in other countries that no has a license for to hunt there legally. A lot of new hunters to world of Africa get caught up in the fantastic pricing, when they really need a good friend to tell them they are illegal. The main fact: a PH or Outfitter must be legally licensed to offer a hunt in that country. And you can only shoot animals on QUOTA. I wish more people would educate other people of this fact.

    I think conventions are great opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.
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    All of the above. One thing I do is gather information and then I take it home to decide which hunts I wish to do this year. I never buy a hunt in the heat of the moment at the show (wife goes with me to prevent such happenings). I really like to see what's available and visit with the folks I have met over the years. I also like to meet new folks and learn about areas and countries I haven't hunted before.
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    i attended the african only show in toronto and booked my trip after the show. the reason for the number of outfitters is to keep it small and personal. you can talk to the different outfitters and have quality time with them. their are more than enough outfitters to make your choice. and one big thing is these outfitters all belong to the professional hunters association from their country. no fly-by nighters here. i am also a tradesman and told my outfitter that the calgary market would be a good one for them to showcase themselves in. some of the shows have gotten too big and impersonal. this is a great show to attend. enjoy the show and happy hunting.

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