Three Weeks Away

Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by Mike70560, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Dry firing is complete for the night (using snap caps). Three months ago it took 14 seconds to start at my waist dry fire twice, simulate recoil each shot, reload, and "fire" two more shots. Tonight I got it down to 8 seconds. The first buffalo in the "Friends of NRA" print I bought at their banquet has been dropped a 1000 times with my 470 K-Gun.

    I have time for four to five more range sessions. There is a little vertical srtringing issue between barrels, but I am able to hold my groups at 2 1/4" at 50 yards.

    Sitting here in my new Russel Moccasins I am double checking my packing list. My plans are to walk 4 to 5 miles for the next 21 days. In those 100 miles I will find out if I like the Russels. My favorite pair of boots recently developed a hole in the side. It broke my heart.

    Airline tickets are in the mail, gun permits are being finalized. Shots are done, malarone, cypro, and other goodies are purchased.

    Other than a few details I am ready. The only sad part is my wife will not accompany me on this trip, but we will hunt together next year.

    I have hunted buffalo and felt I handled myself well. Elephant in Omay North with Martin Pieters will define my hunting skills.

    Now if I can squeeze enough time to fly up to OK and visit George at Champlins. There is a 450-400 Boswell or a 450-400 Jeffery that is looking for a good home.
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    Mike, Practice makes perfect and PHs always like to have clients who are well prepared, especially when it comes to big game hunting... Sounds like you're doing everything right. Your Russel hunting boots definitely need to be broken in and they will continue to get better with use. Be sure to share your experience and pictures with us when you get back.

    I wish you the time of your life!
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    I am with you Mike, 11 days to go for me. I have shot my Perfect Shot elephant target so many times I feel like I am ready for the real thing. I am not very fast at reloading yet but I can get the first two off pretty quickly and accurately. I'm not sure about the brain shot but I'm pretty confident I can pull off a heart shot. I live in Oklahoma but my wife won't let me go any where near Enid.
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    You are on the right track Mike and in fact waaaay ahead in terms of shooting practise. I hope you have a great experience out there and manage to encounter the one for you...
    21 days is a good span of time to really get the true essence of elephant hunting and am sure there are memorable sights, sounds and lessons in store. Have fun and stay safe.

    Same to you Jaustin - you can never be comepletely ready for the real thing, but i am sure you are as close as can be and that is the best anyone can do. Looking forward to seeing some nice photos and hearing positive reports on your return. Enjoy it.


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