Thoughts on a .58 caliber Kodiak Double

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders & Black Powder' started by tarawa, Jun 30, 2010.

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    A friend of mine has a 58 caliber Kodiak double that he is selling. He asked me to spread the word. Here is my delema.
    I sold him the rifle a while back. He has tried everything to get this thing to shoot. I have watched him shoot 10 rounds without hitting paper at 50 yards. I thought I sold him a lemon. He hands me the rifle and i shoot it fine and both shots are on paper. Mind you, he is a good shot, except with this double. I tell him that shooting a double from a bench affects the point of impact. I lightly hold my hand on the rest and let the rifle do it's thing.
    The gun was made by Trails Armory a while back. I think it is his method and not the gun. He wants $500 for the rifle
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