See through scope mounts?

Discussion in 'Before & After the Hunt' started by TomC, Apr 25, 2014.

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    Hello to all,
    I am planning a trip to South Africa for plains game in July 2015 with my wife two sons and two friends.
    I am looking for any feedback or suggestions, I have a Winchester M-70 375 H& H and a
    Leupold VX3 2.5x8 I have see through scope mounts on on three deer rifles, Rem m-6 30.06, Win m-88 308 win
    and a Rem m-700 270 win, I like the see through mounts a lot, any thoughts on using see through mounts for the 375 H&H/VX3 scope?
    Thank You,

    I am hunting with Koos De Meyer and Kuche Safaris.
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    First of all best of luck on your hunt. Look forward to a hunting report with photos.

    My only concern is do they bring your head to high off the comb? They do for me. Personally I would prefer Quick Release rings on the 375 if you need to use the open sights.

    If they fit you and you feel comfortable, go for it.

    All the best in your hunt.
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    I had see through mounts on an old Remington pump 30-06 25 years ago and hated them. Now in my older age I'm sure I would like them even less. Give me a variable scope with a nice low end and I have no desire for open sights anymore. In fact I want a scope mounted as low as possible and make every effort to use avoid even medium mounts. As mentioned by others, if you really think you need the open sights, go with some Quick Detach mounts. But to each their own, so if you like them, might be worth a try.

    At the very least, if you do go with the high mounts, try to get in some real life practice, shoot it off hand and off sticks... Personally I want every advantage when dealing with that recoil, I want my head down where it belongs. I had to brace my chin on the stock when I had the see through mounts and with a 375, I think that might loosen teeth or at least leave a knob on your jaw bone. And I would be afraid of "scope eye" or getting knocked in the fore head.... although that little scope you mentioned has a good long eye relief.

    Good luck on the hunt! I'm sure you will have a great time. Paste in a picture of your rifle and scope after you decide how your going.
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    I second this suggestion.

    Aluminum or steel? .375 in Africa ... steel is the best way to go. Talley QR, Leupold QRW or similar rings that have 4 screws around the tube.

    That 2.5-8x Leupold is a fine choice.

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