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    Hi All,
    Trust this finds you well. Just wanted to forward a link (see letter below) to a great initiative and if you have ever wanted to suport a private individual for conservation, then this girl is the right one to help. She is running a 90 km ultra marathon in the hottest and most hostile part of africa to raise money for conservation in Central Africa. I personally know her and can tell you that she is tough as rock and will do it with bravade.
    Please forward to anyone you think is interested. She really deserves all the help she can get.
    Best regards,
    Erik Mararv

    Dear Friends and Family,

    As most of you will know my parents have been working for African Parks in Zakouma National Park in Chad for the past 3 years. I have also been fortunate enough to have spent over a year working in the park, and have developed a real love for the country, its people and its wild places.

    In February 2015 the second Le TREG Ultramarathon is being run in the Ennedi region of the Sahara desert in northern Chad. The race is a 90km non-stop, self-sufficient and auto-navigational Ultramarathon through some of the most dramatic and challenging parts of the Sahara. I will be running this race along with 5 anti-poaching rangers from Zakouma's Rapid Response Team. None of these rangers have ever competed in an international event such as this before, and it is almost certain that they will be the first anti-poaching team to have ever competed in a Saharan Ultramarathon.

    Team Zakouma will be running the race in support of the anti-poaching rangers that give their time, and often their lives, to African conservation on a daily basis. These rangers collectively walk thousands of kilometres on patrol every day. We would like to run 90km for them. To boost the morale of those going on patrol tomorrow morning, and to commemorate the lives of those who will never again walk through the bush. More specifically we will be running in memory of the 6 Zakouma rangers who were tragically assassinated by armed elephant poachers in 2012. The training and race will be documented, along with individual messages from the rangers. This short documentary will be translated and sent to parks within Africa - a message of encouragement from one group of rangers to another.

    I am in the process of raising funds for the event, which are needed to cover the costs of the Chadian rangers’ race fees, equipment and rations. I would really appreciate your support in this - considering an energy bar only costs a dollar, every bit helps! Please see the fundraising link below. The process is quick and simple. Lets help give these rangers an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Please share this with anyone you feel would be interested in the initiative.

    Thank you kindly in advance,

    Best regards,

    For more info please see the links below:
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    I went to school with Jean! Although we will probably email her anyway, could you please tell her that Jono and Justine McHugh say hi and wish her all the best.


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    Incredible endeavour.

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