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Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by TOM, Dec 1, 2010.

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    i agree it's a great website . i think that a good website is really an important thing
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    I myself like to see a pricelist,. I'm a good one to skip right over & check the next guys list. If I see a real high price i usually assume those animals aren't on his property & travel is a part of it. Then when I see something I'm interested in I will contact the outfitter! If the prices are sky high I can save my self & the outfitter precious time!
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    Been toying with doing first safari for over a year now. Was originally looking at this year or next. Then planned other things for this year, plans fell through.
    I had done much searching sites, as someone else stated -- looked at uncountable numbers of sites. Mostly at packages instead of daily rate/fee.
    My feeling is that time is a valuable thing to me (and the ph) and do not want to talk with a dozen PH's by phone or endless back and forth emails or waste their time either.
    I felt that the prices listed were a general target to shoot for and that once I narrowed down my choices I'd talk more specifically with a few at most.

    If the prices weren't listed, I didn't put them on my list to consider because I wasn't ready to start dialogue during my initial broad search. Thinking I couldn't afford it wasn't my main concern, it was not wanting to talk to numerous people in a preliminary search. Price is one way to narrow the list.

    Well, a couple of weeks ago, when my other plans fell through, I pulled up my short list and contacted a few by email with some more specific questions.
    I was down to 2 or 3 then. My wife, though, had her favorite from the website alone. I gave the PH I ultimately decided to go with my phone number and we talked a good while about other specifics. he was able to offer some other options and substitutions that He and I felt were to my benefit.
    I should have the contract in a few days and hunt in July.
    I didn't set out to book with only 4 months notice, but it's just how it worked out and my first choice of PH's had an open time slot that I could work with.

    But, I concur with the majority, if at least a ball park price isn't given, I didn't consider it.

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