Peter Hathaway Capstick African Hunting Collection - Set of 10 books All Signed and Limited Numbered

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    Peter Hathaway Capstick African Hunting Collection

    Set of 10 books All Signed and Limited Numbered

    A Rare Opportunity to Acquire and Own A Complete Leather Bound in Fine binding

    All in Fine and New Condition. All book carry the same number 0053 - an early numbered set.

    All books in this set are Deluxe Leather bound signed and limited edition. All edges raised and in gilt, including titles and decorations.

    Moiré silk champagne end papers. Silk ribbon markers on all books.

    Peter Hathaway Capstick (1940-1996) was a famous American hunter and author. Born in New Jersey and educated at the University of Virginia, he walked away from a successful Wall Street career shortly before his thirtieth birthday to become a professional hunter first in Central and South America and later--and most famously--in Africa. Capstick spent much of his life in Africa, a land he called his "source of inspiration." Though he spent decades hunting some of the world's most dangerous game, his death did not come from a lion's jaws or an elephant's tusks. A chain-smoker and heavy drinker, he died at the relatively young age of 56 from complications following heart surgery. Capstick's name frequently comes up in the same breath as Hemingway's and Ruark's in discussions of influential African hunting authors. But like all good storytellers, some have questioned Capstick's use of "literary license" in embellishing his stories. Nonetheless, his abilities as a riveting storyteller and creative (if somewhat folksy and informal) prose stylist are beyond dispute. In early 1996 Capstick was a keynote speaker at the annual Safari Club International convention in Reno, Nevada when he collapsed in his hotel room and was diagnosed with exhaustion. He was immediately flown back to his adopted country of South Africa and underwent heart bypass surgery in a Pretoria hospital. He died just before midnight on March 13th due to complications from surgery. After a small private ceremony, his ashes were scattered over the Chobe River in northeastern Botswana.

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    Africa...are there other continents to hunt?
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    USA , Canada, Botswana
    Anyone interested in reading Peter Hathaway Capstick books is in for a real treat.
    I have been seduced by the entertaining yet riveting nature of his literature.

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