Partitions vs Accubonds

Discussion in 'Firearms & Ammunition' started by quackaslaya, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I am headed to South Africa next year to hunt for plains game. We will be hunting impala, blesbok, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, zebra and who knows what else. My favorite rifle is a 280 remington that I have taken many deer ( mostly mule deer) and two moose. I will be working up some loads for Africa and would like to shoot 160 grain either Nolser Partitions or Accubonds and I would appreciate feedback on performance others may have experienced. I like partitions but the tips always get buggered up if you carry them around very long.
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    I used 160 gr Accubonds in my 7mm Rem mag on one trip to South Africa. They performed very well on all of the game that I shot. I have also used this combination on elk, caribou, and musk ox here in North America.

    I used to shoot 180 gr Partitions in my .30 Gibbs for elk and moose. They also worked very well, but like you mentioned, the tips get buggered up, especially the ones in the rifles magazine after you fire the first shot.

    My advise would be to use the bullet that performs best in your rifle. Good hunting

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