NAMIBIA: Safari in Namibia with Goadehoop

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports' started by lwaters, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Thanks for sharing.
    I hope Namibia is as good for me as it was for you in November when I'm there. You certainly got to see a fair bit of varying countryside taking some very fine trophies!

    What are the roads like in Namibia? Not too long a journey between the different place you hunted?

    SIDE-NOTE: Windhoek beer is a great drop and I enjoy it on a hot or cold day. However it takes a second place to my favorite Southern African commercially brewed beer, Mosi (Zambian).
    Some of the "shake-shake" you buy from the roadside stall's I wouldn't even use to put out a fire with!

    I too brew my own beer here in Australia and I think it is the best beer of all. But it is like everyone who makes Biltong- everyone reckons that theirs is the best as well. But it does give one a sense of accomplishment (well it does me) when one is washing down a piece of home made Biltong with a home brewed beer and the meat that made the Biltong was shot using a home loaded round of ammo.
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    The roads in Namibia are really pretty good even the gravel roads are better than the one in front of my house here in Kansas. It is a quite a distance between alot of places but I like riding around looking at the country. The first time I was there we hunted the same place and did'nt travel as much.

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