John Rigby & Co Gunmakers now owned by Mauser

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    John Rigby & Co Gunmakers now owned by Mauser

    Both committed to continuing the fine art of custom gun making.

    To hunters worldwide the name "John Rigby & Co" is synonymous with African hunting. US President Theodore Roosevelt, England's King George VI and Scottish adventurer Walter "Karamojo" Bell are some of the famous names associated with the brand. The original family firm, founded in 1735 and based in Dublin/Ireland, eventually moved to London and achieved worldwide renown as manufacturers of fine sporting weapons. In keeping with his innovative gun making skills and quest for excellence John Rigby developed a relationship with Paul Mauser in Germany. In 1911 they worked together to develop the Mauser Magnum System, for use on Rigby's proprietory .416 calibre bolt action rifle, regarded by many as the "Holy Grail" of Big Game Magazine rifles. Connoisseurs of quality English firearms can look forward to the revival of a great tradition when later this year a line of customized Rigby bolt action rifles, built on Mauser Magnum Systems, are produced in London. The rifles will be available in .375 H&H, .416 Rigby and .450 Rigby calibres. In 2014 a limited production of double rifles will be started and the range of bolt action rifle calibres will be substantially increased.


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