Hunting Tanzania... Enjoying the Hunt

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    Hunting Tanzania... Enjoying the Hunt

    Some people call it luck, some call it hard work, some call it skill, some attribute it to the hunting Gods and many more reasons and factors are incorporated to the successes and lack thereof of hunting experiences... I have no particular inclination, but do believe in knowledge, hard work, strokes of luck, skills and good karma. When all these factors come together, you are going to have a wonderful hunting experience and a very successful one at that.

    East African Bushbuck

    Nyasaland Wildebeest

    You will be surprised to learn that people still arrive at their hunting destination with doubt and skepticism as their over-bearing emotions. You researched it and did the homework and picked out your destination probably out of a dozen or more options and have finally arrived - commend yourself on your choice and let your better judgment unfold. Don't spoil it for yourself by being negative or prematurely critical. A hunting safari is not about any one or two specific items, but a wholesome holiday/venture/activity just like any other. In most cases, the majority or all standards will be more than what you expect and in a few there may be certain drawbacks but almost definitely compensated by others. Nevertheless, if your safety, security, food, beverage, accommodations, hunting and hospitality are good, then you have it made. Don't allow a rain cloud or bad shot ruin the bigger picture and wholesome experience of YOUR hunting safari. Enjoy it. The chances are that YOUR positive attitude and mentality will turn everyone around you into a positive force and bring the entire crew the success you deserve from being a TEAM.

    Cape Buffalo

    Harvey's Red Duiker

    An old friend returned to the Kilombero Valley to hunt with Wild Footprints and celebrate a 10-year anniversary of his best big game hunt. He was last in the valley in 1999 on a full bag hunt and it was a full bag indeed. This year he was to spend just a week with us and was on a different mission. He was to film some hunting activity and expose the wonders of Kilombero. A little hunting activity turned into eight animals in five days! Once again, I stress this is not a game ranch, nor a fenced property - this is wilderness at its' best and when factors come together, the hunt is gonna be awesome! All animals made it into the first page of the record book and the buffalo was the only one that may not be on the first page, even though he was the biggest of the season and had everything - age, boss, drop, spread, curl!!! You will see it once released on DVD.

    Lichtensteins Hartebeest


    From the planning stages, there was no stress or pressure about this hunt. Our friend was glad to be returning and we were happy to have him back. It was just another outing in the outdoors and could not have been any more casual than it was. The priority was game that he did not prioritize on his first outing ten years back. We got it all within four days and then went for a buffalo on the fifth day and got a fantastic dugga boy early morning to top things off. It was a great week for us and the most leisurely of hunts with big rewards for everyone. We look forward to doing it again next year as it has become apparent that the Kilombero is ultimately one of the best areas for Dangerous Game and Wild Footprints have perfected their marriage to this area over the past two decades. Enjoy your hunt and you are assured the fruits of it will be enjoyable. Check out the photos![/SIZE][/FONT]


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