Hunting in Northern C.A.R. Affected by Civil War

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    Hunting in Northern C.A.R. Affected by Civil War

    As a result of a flare up in civil strife and the call for President Bozize to leave office after 10 years, safari hunting in the majority of the Central African Republic has been severely affected for 2013. Rebels are close to the capital, Bangui, and a number of embassies, including the American embassy, have evacuated their personnel and the staff of NGOs. Air France flights from Paris were interrupted for several weeks.

    All of the hunting camps of a half-dozen companies in the northern CAR were severely looted. Vehicles, solar panels, and whatever could be carried away was carried away. Even employees of the European Community wildlife conservation project, which is also severely affected, were recognized amongst the looters. As a result of the hunters having to leave the areas, poaching by rebels and bandits could increase in the hunting blocks, many of which still have good wildlife populations.

    Most hunting companies were forced to cancel their safaris for 2013, although several operators in eastern C.A.R. are planning the next seasons as usual. Hunters with bookings for 2013 should contact their agents.

    For general background information (as of 2009) see attached document.

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