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    Louw van Zyl, owner and outfitter for Track A Trail Safaris has got hunts available for 2014.
    We will hunt 2 areas(community based hunting areas). This mean that local communities benefit directly from hunting, they receive all the meat as well as money. These areas are closely monitored by the Ministry of environment and Tourism as well as WWF. We get Quota settings each year regarding species to be hunted and the numbers.
    One area, Uukolonkadhi-Ruacana borders Angola, the local town is Ruacana. The area is west of Ruacana allong the Kunene River and also east towards Oshakati(Namibia), also south(100km) of Ruacana, the total area is about 300 000ha with no fences. For this big area we get one trophy elephant, one Crocodile, two Oryx, two Kudu, 3 steenbok and 2 duiker. Game is not as abundant, we share this with local farmers in the area farming livestock and crops. Game are there, but this is quite a hard hunt, but a good challenge for those hunters that want to hunt in non fenced areas, but yes, good hunting, long walking etc. Accomodation will be in a comfortable tented fly camp with hot water and toilets and most of what one will need to have a very good time.!
    The second area, Uukwaluudhi Hunting Conservancy, borders south of the Uukolonkadhi Conservancy with a total of 90 000ha not fences, with a fenced "Core area" of 7000ha. Most of the game is in the core area due to the fact that we also have many local farmers(subsistence). Game was relocated into this area to bring wildlife back and to benefit communities via hunting and tourism. Black rhino is also on this area, but only to look at, no hunting. Here we have one Elephant, springbok, Black Face Impala, Red hartebeest, Oryx, eland, Giraffe and Burchells zebra and some kudu, warthog and some spotted hyena.
    A superb lodge will be the accommodation(Big safari tents), all with a view over vast savanna plains and Mopane bushveld. Swimming pool, each tent has its own shower and toilet and electricity.

    Both areas are mainly Mopane trees and open savanna, with a bit more denser north. It offers good hunting, all on foot, walk and stalk, even the fenced area is big enough without feeling fenced in!!!!!!

    Other stuff to see within a 300km radius: Epupa and Ruacana waterfalls(kunene river), river rafting, some fishing, local interesting tribes(ovahimba), Etosha National Park. So, there are plenty to do and see for the hunters and non hunters if you like to combine extra activities etc.

    From Windhoek(Capital for Namibia) it is a 7.5 hour drive, or to save on driving, take a scheduled flight with Air Namibia for around 400US$(return flight) to Ondangwa, here we will pick you up and you only have a 2 hour drive to get there.

    Both areas will be hunted to give clients the best hunting opportunities. We will concentrate on these two areas.

    Excellent Trophy Prices in US$ (for 2014 only) - 2015 prices will be on request
    Steenbok 200, duiker 200, Springbok 320, Black Face Impala 1500, Red hartebeest 500(one redhartebeest with a white face 800), Oryx 550, Eland 1000, kudu 800, Giraffe 1800, burchells zebra 700, jackal 50, Spotted hyena 1200.
    Crocodile 4000, one for 2015
    Trophy elephant 20 000, one available for 2014(Prov booked, but no deposit yet, serious hunters can still get this one if you pay the deposit(100% of day fees)
    Problem elephants(only when declared as such when a problem, you need to be on standby should you be interested in such-Short notice!
    Problem Elephant bull(Trophy is exportable) 18 000
    Problem elephant bull(non Trophy is exportable) 15 000
    Problem elephant cow(non trophy)10 000

    Daily rates in U$
    one on one(Plains game): 475
    two on one(Plains game): 375
    Observer: 280

    All elephant hunts per day:
    16-18 days = 1300
    19-21 days = 1100

    Crocodile per day:
    8-10 days = 850
    includes bait worth 500

    Spotted hyena par day:
    min 8 days = 600
    includes bait worth 300

    PH, Skinner/tracker, Hunting vehicle and fuel on the hunting area, transport to and from the airport, accommodation and 3 meals, water, field prep of trophies and transport to local taxidermy or shipping agent, hunting license/permit
    All alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, all flights, all extra tours/safaris, all personal expenses, medical and travel insurance, rifle and ammo rent(rifles with suppressors are prefered)

    Payment in your currency to the value of the US$:
    Deposit 100% of day fees, trophy fees before departure
    Cash or transfers

    Wounded and lost animals to be paid in FULL!!!

    Trophies will be in quarantine for 31 days after they are cleaned and dried before we may move them to a local taxidermy or shipping agent(100 once off per hunter)
    All extra tours and safaris could be arranged before your safaris to fit your needs at extra cost or as discussed.
    Packages could be made to your needs(Hunting and or Other tours/Safari combinations

    I have these dates available only for 2014:
    3-15 May 2014
    22 August - 11 September 2014
    23 October - 11 November 2014

    2015 is OPEN

    I know this is a lot of info, but please look through it and feel free to ask questions. I am on my way to sort out a current problem elephant with a client.

    best regards
    Louw(Professional hunter and outfitter-Namibia)
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    Jun 15, 2009
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    Namibia Professional Hunters Assosoiation
    Namiba and Botswana
    Just wanted to say that I forgot to add that booking agents are welcome to contact me, if I am allowed to state this.


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