Hows this for a kudu

Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by F.L.A.S.H, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Here is a picture that was sent to me
    Sorry don't have any detail except that it says it was shot in Grootfontein Namibia, was 5 mm shorter than world record and weighed 267 kg on the hook (stomach out and head of).

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    It's a heavy kudu for sure, but it can't be anywhere near the world record...there isn't much curl...and it's not that high. I have seen a lot of big kudu pictures and have come to believe most aren't officially measured....nobody wants to do all the paperwork and leg work too. Plus having seen big animals and people get bugged to death by people and media....a lot of people are content to be proud of there trophy. Sure a outfitter will post that there client shot it and use it in advertising. But I'm one of those people would never enter anything in the book. It's the hunt memories that are the most important.

    He is a nice kudu for sure, but there are bigger out there.

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