Discounted L.D.Eland, Bongo, Giant Forest Hog and Leopard hunt

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    With the ad-on of a new area to our previous concessions, we have now got quite a few more tags open. We will now give the interested hunter the possibility to hunt one of the famous trophies of Central Africa for a price which will not very likely turn up again.

    14 day hunt for Precious game


    23:rd of December - 7:th of January
    25:th of March - 8:th of April
    29:th of April - 13:th of May

    In a case of a 2x2, I could also accept to give a fourth date: 13:th - 27:th
    of May

    14 day safari for Precious game.
    1 Precious game (Eland, Bongo, Giant Forest Hog or Leopard)
    1 waterbuck or hartebeest
    1 roan
    2 buffaloes
    1 warthog
    1 red river hog
    1 harnessed bushbuck
    1 oribi
    1 yellow back duiker
    1 red flanked duiker
    1 western bush duiker
    1 blue duiker
    1 baboon

    1.. The price for one hunter hunting 1x1 on these dates will be: 14250 Euro

    2.. If two hunters come for the same deal, which means a 2x2, the
    price will be: 11250 Euro / hunter

    3.. If two hunters would like to split one safari and hunt it on a 2x1
    basis. So for example one hunter hunting a Giant Eland and the other the
    buffaloes, the price would be: 8000 Euro / Hunter

    The price in includes:

    - hunt with professional hunter 1:1 or 2:1
    - "shot opportunity" on the priority precious game, according to CAWA's
    - Use of trackers and hunting car, as much as your PH considers necessary
    for the hunt.
    - Hunting and weapon licenses in CAR
    - Reception at the airport and help in Bangui
    - Full board accommodation during the whole stay in CAR, including possible
    overnight in Bangui, laundry
    - Free bar in the safari camp* (not in Bangui)
    - Air charter Bangui - safari camp (round trip)
    - Field preparation of trophies
    - Dip & Pack
    - Airport taxes in Bangui

    The price does not include:
    - Trophy fees (see web-site list)
    - Possible upgrade (see web-site list)
    - Trophy shipment and taxidermist
    - Gratitude's
    - International airway tickets
    - Visa and insurance

    Quote can also be given in US dollars on request.

    Interested hunters are welcome to drop me an e-mail with questions and I will do my best to respond as quick as possible.

    Look forward to great hunting.

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