Dan L. Duncan, Big Game Hunter

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    Dan L. Duncan, Big Game Hunter

    Dan L. Duncan (1933-2010), Big Game Hunter

    Dan L. Duncan (1933-2010) was an American born in , Texas. He was the co-founder, chairman and majority shareholder of Enterprise Products.

    Duncan donated 75 million dollars to Texas Children's Hospital and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, as well as $135 million dollars to Baylor College of Medicine. Duncan donated a sculpture by Jean Dubuffet named "Monument au Fantóme", which was at first situated in front of 1100 Louisiana Street, an office building in Downtown Houston. It now resides in Discovery Green Park near the George R. Brown Convention Center.

    He was a ardent dig game hunter, he owned the Double D Ranch, a 5,000-acre (20 km2) fenced hunting facility in Texas. Duncan was a Safari Club International member who has been given numerous awards for his hunting trophies. In 2006, he received the SCI World Conservation Hunting Award, which requires a hunter to have hunted on six continents, and have received SCI's 13 "Grand Slam" awards, 22 "Inner Circle" awards, the Fourth Pinnacle of Achievement Award and the Crowning Achievement Award.

    Duncan has 407 entries in SCI's trophy record book, including records for killing lions, elephants, jaguars, a cheetah, rhinoceroses, polar bears, and other animals. The 1998 Weatherby Big Game Trophy was awarded to him. An avid sportman and conservationist, Duncan has hunted big game and birds on six continents, collecting an impressive 273 species and placing 282 animals in the record books. Duncan was active in numerous clubs including: Safari Club International, The Weatherby Foundation, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Sportsmen Conservationists of Texas.

    On July 18, 2007 Duncan voluntarily appeared before a grand jury in Houston. He answered questions regarding a hunt in Russia in 2002 in which he shot and killed a moose and a wild sheep from a helicopter, which is illegal under Russian law. He admitted to his actions, but said that he did not know that his actions were illegal. His attorney said on September 12, 2007 that a grand jury had declined to bring charges against Duncan and other hunters who had been on the trip.

    Big Game Hunter Dan L. Duncan and his wife Jan

    Duncan died aged 77 of a cerebral hemorrhage at his River Oaks, Houston home on March 28, 2010. He is survived by his wife Jan, son Scott and three daughters: Randa Duncan Williams, Dannine Duncan Avara and Milane Duncan Frantz. Due to an abnormality in the estate tax law for the year 2010, Duncan became the first American billionaire to pay no estate tax since its enactment. He was worth 9 billion dollars at the time of his death.


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