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    My dear hunter fellowmen,

    Did any of you use the newcomer BURRIS ELIMINATOR in different shooting conditions like long range shooting,down and uphill shooting,etc.How were the results?

    Is it really that good as advertised?And of course accurate?Is it worth buying or?????

    I would like to hear your comments aboout it as I plan to get one.

    Nejat Uner
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    Twice the stuff to break than a separate rangefinder and scope. The laser rangefinder, like all electronics, will soon be obsolete. Something better is already on the drawing board. When scope or rangefinder goes bad, you lose BOTH while in the service shop.

    Simple, separate, and tough would be my advice for tools in a place like Africa.

    Eliminator is technically illegal for big game hunting in Montana, since the reticle is internally illuminated. Makes no difference to me if it's any good or not under that condition. It would only be legal here for varmints/home security or if you were a government agent, and I use a much less expensive illuminated etched glass reticle scope for varmint hunting (Hawke Nite-Eye SR6). It's deadly and cheap, and has some conventional rangefinding capability built in. Check your local game laws before buying an illuminated reticle scope.

    I got the Nite-Eye for less than $200 on sale.

    An illuminated reticle scope IS legal in Montana if it uses external ambient light to light up the reticle, but not a battery operated internal light.

    Also, the minimum operating temperature is only 14F, so not suitable for Montana, much less Alaska. I sometimes hunt varmints in snow at night, at lower temps than that. Might work in Africa, but you'd never see me bringing one there.
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    I think they are large and heavy. They don't make a gun easy to handle, I would get a good Leupold, Nikon..etc. and practice. It is not that hard to shoot up hill or downhill at all...for the most part..you hold dead on and shoot.

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