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Discussion in '.375 & Up' started by Big5er, Dec 27, 2011.

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    I have an option on a Franz Zodia O/U two barrel set in 300H&H and 20 g. I have done some research on Zodia and despite there not being much available have come up with the following: Obviously part of the Furlach guild but went OOB in 1986; generally high quality guns but the barrels are not proofed and therefore high pressure loads in the shotgun should be avoided. Steel shot is a no no... I doubt I would ever take the gun into a duck blind anyway.

    Now here is the real reason for my post. I would like to have a third barrel set made in either 375 H&H or 450/400 NE. Which caliber would be recommended and who could/should I get to do the work since Zodia is no longer in business? I would think the best match would be provided by another Furlach gunmaker. What can I expect to spend on this third set of barrels?

    Many thanks and any and all comments are welcome.
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    I am not sure how will find a barrel. I am sure there is a machinist (advanced gunsmith) out there that can fill your order.

    I think both the calibers you choose are great. If it was mainly a buffalo and elephant gun, I would go for the 450/400 NE. If it was plains game and cape buffalo...the 375 H&H.
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    Assuming you are in the States this guy should be able to help you.


    In the opinion of lots of Double rifle shooters, he is the best in the US.

    If you are going to DSC or SCI, Champlins has a booth.

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