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    If you are going to get your flight paid with award points, DO NOT FORGET to check all the available options and values, last year I got a flight from Mexico city to Jo,Berg paid with points, I booked the flight early and had to paid 140,000 awards points for Couch, I still called every month to check if the itinerary had changed or remained the same on the third call Just being curios I asked how much difference was for a business class and first class ticket, it only was 5,000 points difference for a bussines class ticket I made the change to business but if I had waited one more week this could not had been possible, the reason I did not ask in the beginning is because in my award program the domestic fligths cost 20,000 couch and 40,000 business, I only had around 200,000 points and believed this Proportion applied in every flight, double for business, happily this is not always true.

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