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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Jamesfromjersey, Jun 3, 2014.

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    My question is directed to any PH who has guided handgun hunters for large or dangerous game. I would like to know what you, as professional hunters, think of hard cast bullets as compared to solid metal bullets ( such as the Barnes Buster, Grizzly Punch or Cor-Bon Penetrators ) when used on large or dangerous game?? Do you prefer to see one used over another based on field experience?? There is a long standing debate among American handgun hunters as to which is better. I`am a handgun hunter for 30 years and had my dream come true when I took an old Cape buff using a Freedom Arms 500 Wyoming shooting a 420gr Punch bullet that is a copper based bullet that uses lead at the base to bring up the weight.... Any help with my questions will be greatly appreciated because many of those involved in the debate have no field experience. Thank you, James Swidryk 500wyoexp-punch.jpg 2014-05-14 03.28.10.jpg
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    Since the post has been open for three weeks without a taker, I'll jump in...

    I do not have experience with harcast bullets in the field on DG, and I guess very few PHs have any (hence the limited number of responses so far!).

    But what I know of hardcast bullets is that as long as the velocities stay within certain limits, they perform very well.

    If there is a long-lasting debate, this means that there is no clear-cut winner! I, for one, would have no problem with a client shooting hardcasts in a handgun, provided he masters his gun and shoots where it matters - and provided that there are no expectations of shots beyond the capabilities of either the round or the hunter.
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    OK I'll jump in!
    On cast bullets, as long as the tin / lead formula doesn't make the bullet frangible it'll work fine! Too much Tin will make the bullet brittle as I'm sure you know. Too much lead will leave the bullet too soft and it'll splatter when hitting bone.
    The issue isn't so much as to whether the bullet / caliber will do the job but more one of if the bullet placement isn't perfect what then?
    I've used cast bullets in my .458 Win Mag. for the hell of it, practice and not on dangerous game. We drop them from the mold into cold water which hardens them over and above the formula we use. We then don't get leading either. The bullet will shoot through an Eland Bull's shoulders both sides.
    So for me, accuracy of shot placement, the tenacity of the formula and the CSD will make for a good hunt!
    Now if you can cast bullets like the Trophy Bonded Sledge Hammers as we do...they'll work when placed correctly and driven fast enough!

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