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Eastern Cape Hunting Report Coming soon...


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I hate to bother you....I own 2 of your books including British bore rifle. I was hoping you might have more 10 bore loads. For the heavier and later rifles. Any help would be appreciated.
I hope your hunting season has started off well. I am coming to Namibia for the 7th time in late April of 2022. I am bringing two friends who have never hunted outside of the USA. I have several questions, but before I write them all, I will wait to see if you receive this. Please give a regards.........................Bill...............Idaho, USA
My name’s Wyatt Baker. I’m a card-carrying NRA member, an avid outdoorsman, long-time angler, and a big Patrick McManus fan.
Does anyone know where to buy a chamber reamer to convert .458 win to .458 Lott? I hear it is very easy to do—?
Bill DeHaan
Bill DeHaan
Contact Dave Manson of Mason Reamers, Grand Blanc, MI He is a member of this forum as well.
Do you still have the set of gaiters you talked about on the site? Gerry
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Gerry Addison
Sorry, I thought I was in a private conversation. I'll be more careful.
Hi Krist, I’m interested in your Sako , can you please send me a email with a better description and your asking price . Thank you. From. Mike
That's a monster buck you have in your avatar! Very Nice! Anyway, my brother in law and myself are planning to do some fishing while in Port Aransas. I think he/we are planning on taking a boat charter out a couple of days. He's a serious fisherman and I am not. Any suggestions?
Mark Griffin
Hey Mark,

Thank you, he was shot in Public Land in NM last year. I actually drew the same tag this year hoping to top it.

Ill shoot you Alan’s info. I believe he guides some trips but not sure how booked out he is at this point.
To get that buck on Public Land is quite a feat! I've seen a couple but never had a shot. My father in law has taken two 340 elk bulls on public land and that IS quite a feat too! Both un guided. If Alan has some info, that would be great. Thanks!
Okay sure. What is the address to ship the ammo to?
Send me a check to
Hi, did I read your Russian bear hunt comment correctly? Are you selling your spot for this fall? Thanks
I have my Texan Air Force 50 cal airgun and my Umarex air saber all dialed in and ready to go. We fly out on the 14th for a airgun adventure in South Africa. Airguns vs dangerous game! I can’t wait, this trip has been interrupted by covid 19 for more than a year. No longer !
hi there

i saw your post
we are well equipped to handle your level of hunting expertise
our lodge is not 5 star but has all you need and most hunters are happy to have their wives with them a t our lodge

i can arrange fishing etc and sighseeing no problem

if you need more info or have any questions or queries feel free to ask

Zdravo Mark!
Verujem da si sa ovih prostora (Hrvatska?)
Rijeka, Hrvatska.

Lovac, bio u Namibiji dva puta.
Potpisao sam ugovor za treci safari, pa zastao u realizaciji zbog epidemije korone. Sad cekam normalizaciju stanja, da odem na taj safari, medjutim nije vezano samo za putovanje i epidemiju nego i za moj raspored na poslu, koji se zbog te epidemije jos nije normalizirao.
Hi Paul. It was terrific getting to meet you. I hope you made it home without issue. Happy Memorial Day!
Ridge Runner
Ridge Runner
Happy Memorial Day to you.

This first time experience can help you prepare for your next safari and allow you to better prepare your daughter for her first trip.

Had a delay through US customs, but no big deal. Made it home around 4:15a Saturday morning.

Did you have any problems on your way home?

It was nice meeting a fellow AHer in transit.
Tundra Tiger
Tundra Tiger
It was a tight transfer in Doha - they met us and rushed us to our plane. But other than that, it went off without a hitch and all my stuff arrived with me. Still kind of surprised it was as painless as it was.

Ditto meeting you sir. I hope our paths cross again sometime. Happy Memorial Day weekend.
Ridge Runner
Ridge Runner
Same here in Doha. Rushed through with an escort. Had about a 20-30 minute wait before boarding.
I sold @Inline6 some 416RM ammo and everything went very well. Great communication and payment was fast. A pleasure to do business with. Enjoy the ammo.