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Hello Krish, a member told me that maybe you could help. I am making a 470 Capsticklooking to buy a chamber reamer, reloading die and need some info in regard to loading a 500 grain bullet .475 hard cast gas check to start, have : IMR 4350, 4831, 3031, h1000, RETUMBO and N150.
If you could help i appreciate,
Best Regards, Thanks Roberto
Got this old guy this year in Mafikeng on the plains with a long shot at 300ms he measured just over 19.5 inch
Hi Tom,

Our conversation record is lost on my end. I'm not sure what happened.
You sent a message last Thursday that you had received my payment for the Ruger 9.3x62.
Can you give me an update about shipping please.

From PA I am an NRA endowment member SCI member RMEF member have been to Africa three times and many elk hunts in Colorado
Thick bases of this great Limpopo Kudu bull he is just past his prime and was perfect for harvesting very pronounced opening deep curls


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Hey Mike,

Yeah I still have the Kynoch for sale, prices have gone up since the post was originally posted. I'm selling boxes of 5 for $50ea now. If you're still interested, let me know what you're looking for (hard nose or soft), how many boxes and your zip so I can get you a shipping quote.

Enjoy the holiday weekend - Erik
Hi Erik,
I am interested at the $35 50 is a little steep for me would like to buy 10-15 boxes. Let me know
If you want 10 boxes I can do $45. 15 and I'll do $40. That's the best I can do, hope it helps.

I'm selling my very lightly used Swarovski Habichi Pocket Binoculars 10x25 B, in excellent condition. Is this the right place to post that?
@rebes, You can list it for sale in the Classifieds section at the following link:

I like to hear other people hunting stories. african or otherwise. I like to shoot on a regular basis I also have my granddaughter shooting with me on a regular basis so far she has taken 2 deer and several coyotes. I have hunted most of Canada, Alaska, Africa once like reloading and shooting large caliber rifles.
I'll take the 2 unopened boxes if still for sale. I use 'em at home for black bear and my son in AK for everything! Please advise. Thanks.
Hi C.W.
Sounds good. I'll contact you using the Direct Message function.
Hey everyone..rookie mistake here. Packing to leave tomorrow and I have no idea JNB policy for bringing I cigarettes. Yes I know a smoker, plan on taking 4 cartons if able. Any advice please. Will be greeted by Mr X to ease custom’s hassle. Thanks in advance !
You're allowed 200 cigarettes duty-free. I guess you'd have to pay duty on the additional cartons at the airport. Probably easier to buy here if your preferred brand is available.
SA Revenue Service rules

Glade to hear from you and that you have kept me in mind.

I hope all is well and the hunting has been good.

Everything is fairly good.

The 2 fellows that I had lined up for this great hunt opportunity have backed out.

I'm in the process of purchasing a new house and having knee surgery, or surgeries depending on the left knee MRI, hopefully I can get back to Africa as early as 2024.
I'm concerned about Australia's indigenous species that are being killed by feral cats. Is anyone aware of any hunts I can joining to go to Australia to take a few shots at feral cats.
Hey Idaho. how many rounds is there thru the 458 win mag
Hey Jonathan, the rifle was bought from an estate sale unfired just over a year ago. It's had around 50 rounds put through it to get familiar with the rifle and some load development. That's it.