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Hey boss wanted to inquire about the .308 rifle you have for sell can you send me payment information. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.
Hello! I noticed your E Type in your avatar. What year is it? I have a '69 that looks identical, minus the wire wheels. My car has the steel rims, as I understand it,a more expensive option, but I like the wire wheel much better!
1965. The steel rims are much better for the track as the can put up to much more abuse, which is why they were fitted on the racing variants. The wire rims tend to deform more easily. Still, I cannot get past how good they look.
Damon Engel
Damon Engel
Cool car, and I do like the wire wheel look. I don't abuse mine, regardless!
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Current ETA to Buc-ees is 11 am or we can meet you there about 2 hrs later in the way back.
Hello Moretla Safaris
I'm new to the site and cannot figure out how to private message. I was wondering if you could please provide a quote for the following hunt:
10 days ( 8 hunting days)
Wart Hog
Bush Pig
Blue Wildebeest
I'm planning to hunt South Africa in June or July of 2022 so I understand if the prices are approximate.
Thanks for your help
Rich Cole
Interested in learning more about your trophy sable. I am going to be hunting in Thabazimbi hopefully this year if not next. Specifically interested in the 50 inch sable.