ZKK 600 Zbrojowka Brno .275 Rigby /7x57/

I always liked the older ZKK models better. Including the safety. The ZKK safety was like cocking a hammer on gun. The CZ 452 was like that too. Seemed natural to me. Since I did not shoot other bolt guns or shotguns, I never found liking in the forward "off" safety. Come to think of it, the CZ air rifles have safety with forward "off" position. So maybe a bit inconsistent. In the end, I guess I don't really care as I do not use them much in general.

I will concede that the new trigger may be a better trigger at least when it comes to feel. Quieter too as the older ZKK style usually had a bit of play between the trigger lever and the sear engagement piece. But it is still a bit too complex for my tastes. However, since it works, I don't think about it much.

When it comes to safety differences I think the key is to use one gun or at least guns with the same style safety so mishaps can be avoided. This is the only reason why I kind of accept the view that forward "should be" the "off" position since almost every other bolt gun is like that however, there are also many other "weird" safeties out there and from German manufacturers and I do not hear people complaining about them. But that darn CZ... :D :D
I really like the ZKK rifles. Witold, yours is a gem. I have owned a 601 .308 that I stupidly sold, and currently own a 600 in 30-06 that was extensively customized by Chris Griesbach, and a fairly rare 601 in .222 Rem. Neither will be traded or sold, I hope my sons appreciate them when i'm gone. Now to find a 602 in .375....
this is what can happen to a flood damaged ZKK 600 30-06 when a really good custom gunsmith makes it his project to restore it
Hi Longwalker,

Has a new barrel or the integral base for the rear sight was removed?
Hi Clodo, sorry for the slow reply, I did not notice your question until now. It has the original barrel, but the rear sight base was removed, the barrel draw filed to remove rust damage on the outside, polished and satin bead blasted then rust "blued". A peep sight was fashioned for the rear receiver bridge and sits just behind the Talley QD ring mount. It is windage adjustable only but shoots to proper point of aim at 100M with 180 gr. bullets. The bore is still excellent, and it is a good shooter.
Witold, your "new" rifle looks like it is ready for its' next 50 years of service.
Great looking Rifles Vitold

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Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 FireDot Duplex Riflescope. I am looking at this scope for a couple new rifles. Cost?