ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe With Buzz Charlton

Dang looking forward to the "rest of the story". Congrats!
I’ve got a professional videographer along so will have a great movie I’ll share one the hunt is over and it’s produced.

Update. Day after the elephant I shot a duggaboy at 30 yards with the double. Yesterday an impala with the H&H. Today a zebra with the H&H at 120yds.

So far we walked 48 miles.

Six more days to go for this part of the adventure. As soon as I’m back home I’ll do a full write up with photos. In the meantime here is the bushbuck.

Do they now have internet at the Nyakasanga camp?

I'll be there in August and it sure would be nice!
Yes, Starlink. But electricity is supplied by a solar charged battery so typically a couple hours of wifi a day.
The adventure begins today. Headed to the airport shortly to fly NOLA > Atlanta > Joberg, spend the night at the Intercontinental and then Harare tomorrow. Then transfer to a Cessna 206 to fly to the Nyakasanga concession for a 14 day Elephant/Cape buffalo hunt beginning Saturday.

I did the exact same hunt in 2022. Had a great time and experience. If you have time left, drive to Mana pools with the crew.

Edit: Just saw the pic. Nice hat. ;)
Yes, Starlink. But electricity is supplied by a solar charged battery so typically a couple hours of wifi a day.
Thanks. That'll make my life a lot easier! Will be there late August. Great report ( even tho you shot my bushbuck)!
Hell of a trip, cant wait to see the video!
Soak it all in. Can’t wait to hear more once you get back. I’ve been seeing some stuff Buzz posted on Facebook this week a wondering if it was from your trip.

Trophy of a lifetime on that bushbuck.
Beautiful Bushbuck. Congrats.
Yesterday. Excellent video. Looking forward to getting it and sharing with you guys.

55+ inch Kudu today. I promise pictures videos and stories. What a fantastic Safari.
Cutting my hunt a day short so Buzz can spend time with his wife on her birthday. So two more days hunting and then I’ve got a few days in Harare before heading to Kimberley for a couple of days to check out a couple of ranches. Saw a bunch of animals today but no shooters. Tomorrow Hyena, Warthog and Sharps Grysbok are what we will be looking for, same as we did today.
Speaking of shirts, I’m bringing three bright Hawaiian shirts, one for each of the trackers and one for the driver. I asked Buzz what he thought the guys would enjoy and he said they love bright shirts. Hope they get a kick out of them.
HAHA this is cool havent even finished the report but love this hope to see a photo of them wearing them on this thread.
Great report so far, has me eager to see the rest the trip. I seen Buzz posted your mega bushbuck and a video of the Kudu what a bull congrats can’t wait to see more! safe travels to SA and have a great rest of your trip!
Today was the last hunting day. Shot a hyena and another impala. And right as we left camp this morning a big beautiful Livingstone Eland bull walked right across in front of the truck, unfortunately before we could do anything it was across the road and Mana Pools. A lot more cool stuff happened today as well. I fly to Harare in the morning, be there a few days so should be able to start the actual right up.
So far it sounds you had a blast. Waiting for the full story!

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