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Sorry AH members for such a delay in my hunting reports.
Here you have a "TRIFECTA" of African hunt reports for 2016/2017. Enjoy.

I dropped down to SA and hunted my lioness with Jacques Spamer with Hartzview Safaris in August 2014 after I finished my first buffalo hunt up in Zimbabwe. I enjoyed the lioness hunt with Jacques so much that when I was ready to do a Sable hunt, Jacques was first in mind.
Upon my return from New Zealand in 2015 for Stag and Tahr I started correspondence with Jacques and a couple other outfitters for Sable for 2016.
At this time the price of Sable had begun to fall. As time went on and prices came down even more, quotes came in very favorable.
Because I had hunted with Jacques he won out with the contract.
With a 5 day Sable hunt secured and if time allowed a couple other PG are on the back burner. Copper Sringbuck for one to finish my slam.

By early 2016, buffalo prices began to fall too. There were Buffalo/Sable packages being offered for what buffalo only were going for. Discussions began with Jacques to add buff and forego the added PG unless there was time to spare. A price was offered and we (Eric a client is also coming along) accepted.
Fast forward to March of 2016.
When deposits were sent to a US agent on March 24th, we were informed that Jacques no longer was associated with Hartzview Safaris, he sold his shares. Talk about a jaw dropper! I could not get to the computer fast enough to email Jacques.
March 25th Jacques replies he will be back to hunt with us cuz of the contract. Then to find out Jacques had posted on AH March 14th of his dis-association with Hartzview. Not a single message sent direct to me by Jacques or Hartzview of him leaving and where we stand with our hunt. Your probably saying to yourself, this would not be expected of Jacques.
Ok, all should be fine and dandy, or so I thought.

From March 25th to June 23rd, various emails to Jacques get vary little attention but plenty of excuses.

June 23rd, I finally contact Marius the camp manager of Hartzview of our situation, needing invitation letters, if deposits received, confirmation that they are even aware of our hunt, and the promised price by Jacques for adding the buffalo.

June 25th, I get the invitation letters and a old contract of Jacques from Marius.

June 27th, I get the proper contact which Jacques had given us better Sable price cuz of his delays.

Again I thought all was fine and dandy. Wrong!! I get very little to none responses from my emails to Jacques.

July 7th, I contact Marius again for clarification that Jacques will be back to hunt with us.

July 11th, Marius states they are sorting out the hunts and will get back to me ASAP!

July 28th, I find out Jacques will NOT be back to hunt with us. OK, I've had enough of the shit and want some answers.
I reply if Hartzview even knows of Jacques promised price of the added buff. By this time, Hartzview is advertising a Buff/Sable package on AH.

August 1st, sent a email again for a reply. Our hunt starts August 26th!

August 2nd, Marius replies he handed my querry off to Ruan. Who the hell is Ruan?? Well, he was the partner with Jacques that few know about. I never meet Ruan when in camp after my lioness hunt. During my 2016 hunt, Ruan said he was not introduced to hunters by Jacques. Ruan is now the sole owner of Hartzview supposedly. I would imagine Ruans dad Braam still has some interest in the company being he is the money man (now owns 3 diamond mines) and loaned the cash to Jacques to buy into Hartzview so I am told.

August 9th, I get email from Ruan apologizing for not contacting me when Jacques had left Hartzview and that he would be my PH. I informed him of the promises made by Jacques.

August 10th, Ruan agrees to honor prices.

Some of you may remember my comments, my hunt report would include, "The Good, Bad and "Ugly", now you have it. All before the hunt even commences.

Tuesday August 23rd, I depart from Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is a 3 hour drive from my home town of Aberdeen, onto Chicago then Washington Dulles. Flights are on time. We board our flight for over the pond. Down the tarmac and just before the plane rises the flight is aborted! The plane has lost an engine. Talk about bringing a huge plane to a sudden slow down! Flights attendance yell, heads down brace yourself repeatedly.

We sat on the tarmac for an hour when buses came and took us back to the terminal. Our flight was cancelled. We got vouchers for meals, pillows, snack, drinks for the evening. Later, vouchers were handed out for Motels if you wanted to leave. We stayed in the airport as did a couple other couples. Having to go through security again the next day which was not a issue for those who left.

The plane coming from Africa in the morning would be the one we would take over. 15+hour layover, sucked! We would leave at 9am Wed. Our baggage was left on the disabled plane for security reasons. The next flight to Joburg was cancelled because we had their plane.

Did not loose any hunting days because we were going to stay at the Afton Guest house.

I meet Arnod Payne in the airport for those of you who know or know of him. He is from Zim and did outfitting. He seen my Hartzview shirt and asked about Jacques.

Thursday August 25th, Arrived in Joburg and connected to Kimberley. I have a friend from NC who I have not seen since 2014 on our buffalo hunt in Zim. He also was in SA hunting for buff/sable. He was at Liam Urry's lodge only 20 minutes from Kimberley so we stopped there for a visit, supper then onto Hartzview lodge by 11:30pm. Unloaded, shower and to bed. Did sleep well.
Friday August 26th, Day one. Up early, sight guns and off for buffalo. Seen various PG and found the buff early. The bush is very thick and we lost sight of them and could not locate them again even though we tried various vantage spots. Back to lodge by 11 for lunch and rest. Eric shot his Sable this morning.
After lunch was back to the thick bush for the buffs. Once located we stalked into the bush, it is so thick we could not see them even at 40 yds when they busted out of there. This happend 3 times in different areas. Eric had the same results during his buff stalks. It was late by then and back to camp for Impala stir fry as appetizer then Lamb chops, potatoes, gravey for entree.
Saturday 27th, Day two. We went to the sable breeding area where two fighting buffalos had broken through the fence. Ruan wanted to get a good look at them if they should be shooters. We had to get down into the thick bush to find them and they spooked out before seeing them. One we could see was a huge body but could not make out the horns. We stood in the shade of the trees while the trackers went around to move them out of the bush not knowing which way they would go. It so happened they came right back to where we spooked them out of. We got a good look at them for they ran straight toward us, stopped at 60 yds facing us. I had a frontal shot only when Ruan said the one on the right. The Remington 700 .375H&H barked, the bull made a 360 took a few steps and expired. Talk about a stream of blood pouring out, perfect heart shot.

This afternoon,, we just drove around looking for a exceptional Kudu and check out the Sable area at Hartzview. There was a couple good ones but we wanted to check out another concession on Sunday.

Eric had the same buff results as the day before. The bush is so thick you'd think a animal this large would be a easy find, wrong!

Sunday 28th, Day three. Going to neighbor property to check Sable. Ruan has sole rights to this concession. Supposedly lots of Sable. Drove the Sable grounds and decided which one I wanted. I did shoot a very nice Sable. Don't know where the "lots" of Sable were?

Went calling for Jackal in the afternoon, first set up nothing, had one answer at the second set up only.

Eric has the same results as previous days with the buffalo.

Monday 29th, Day four. Went out for a joy-sight seeing ride this morning. Maybe find somehthing to cull or big. The Impala we knew of was no where to be found. We did have a Copper Springbuck to have a look at, but the picture shown me his horns looked deformed so i passed.

After lunch, I tagged along with Eric to go have a look for the second buffalo where I shot mine. The only way to get them out of the Sable breeding area is to shoot them out. Once again he spooked out before seeing him. Trackers went around to get him moving and he came right back to the security of the thick bush where we were waiting. Eric's PH Fricky said he was a good one, got very little on video and it took four rounds to bring him down. He had great bosses but narrower width them mine.

We drove back to the regular hunting area looking for a Kudu for Eric. It is prime time and I spot a huge Waterbuck which was on Eric's wish list but he's up the hill into the bush not to be seen again. Not far down the road on way back to camp I spot another shooter Waterbuck, this time he made the mistake or stopping and look back when PH says a good one, Eric's Copper .3oo WM barks on a 29"er. End of day four.

Tuesday 30th, Day five, our last day. Ruan wanted a springbuck culled to make room for new genetics, I was eager to assist. We then went to the skinning shed to drop off the springbuck, view skulls, retrieve bullets and give out candy. Returning to the lodge, we spotted crows circling above which is a good indicator something is of interest. We climb the hill and only found a Rock Python, I took a few pictures. Back to camp early, 10:30am.
After lunch I tagged along with Eric again looking for a Kudu. The day ended only with a beautiful sunset. Heading back to camp we seen a fire in the bush, to our surprise the cook, trackers, skinners and Ruan's dad had set up a bush BBQ (appetizers) for our enjoyment, along with drinks. This was a fun treat before heading back to camp for supper and of course, settling the bill.

Wednesday 31st, travel day to airport for return trip home. Damn, who ever wants to go home?

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My Leopard/Tiny 10 hunt in Namibia March 2017 is my second installment of my "TRIFECTA" of hunt reports.

Monday March 20th, I drove the 3 hours again to Sioux Fall South Dakota for my 9th African Safari. I stay with my Nephew the night and he will take me to the airport Tuesday morning.

Tuesday March 21st, At the airport by 9am for my 11:00 am flight on United. All bags checked and flights on time. Flight to Joburg was as usual, long.

Wednesday, March 22nd, connected to Windhoek Namibia. I meet my PH Arvey and his wife Renaee. Instead of driving the 3 hours to camp I was put up in a guest house and Arvey and Renaee stayed at Arvey's parents house.

Thursday March 23rd, As we drove to Outja, a farmer called to say the bait had been hit. In Outja, we did some running around and had lunch. We went to Lukas's, my outfitters house and picked up the blind, chairs and shot Arvey's .375, all good to go. The bait was about one hour away. The camera shows a female on the bait. We cleared shooting lanes and freshened the bait hoping the female would attract a male.
We then went to camp and had Kudu steak, fries (chips in Africa) and bean, onion, pepper veggies, yummy. Then off to bed.

Friday March 24th, Day one. We set out to check leopard baits on this side of mountain. We made a swing into a area where a good Dik Dik lives. It is not long and we find him in some trees as we pass by, almost passed him completely. I grab the Savage .17 HMR and Arvey the sticks and stand next to the truck waiting for a good shot. Finally he presents a shot, a heart shot, one for the salt. Checked more baits on way back to camp.


Today is also Arvey's wife's 28th birthday so he wanted to go to town and celebrate with friends. Arvey's friend Pieter Scott came to camp to care for me the rest of the day and next. We were back out at 3pm to check remaining baits and refreshed some baits where the farmer has lost some calves. There was no bait activity but we came across a Black Mamba. It crawled into a tree and I took a shot at it but missed. I also shot a female blue wildebeest for bait.

Saturday March 25th, Day two. Pieter, tracker and I left early to hunt Duiker. We spotted one and began our stalk but could not find him again. We proceeded to check baits but no activity. We found some fresh spoor coming down a drainage. To camp for lunch, nap then set out to refresh baits and sit by a water hole for a duiker, no show.

Sunday March 26th, Day three. Leave early to look for duiker, check baits and refreshed 2 baits. Dropped school kids off in town and had a late lunch. At 3:30 we get a call a leopard has hit a bait, but it is a female again. We cut a lane and put up a camera. We went looking to shoot a warthog or kudu for bait, no luck. It is now too late for duiker cuz we need to refresh baits.

Monday March 27th, Day four. Out looking for Oryx for bait and hope to find a Duiker. Shot a Oryx, tracked for a long time, just could not get another shot. Went back to camp for lunch and gather dog to track the Oryx. Now it rains and washes out the spoor and blood and we loose the Oryx. Why we went for lunch i don't know.
We took a walk to a pan area and found some female blue wildebeest and took another for bait. On the way out and back to camp, I spot two jackals laying out in the open pan, I grab the .17 HMR and take out the pair, male and female. I had two on quota so get to bring them both home.

Tuesday March 28th, Day five. A.M. we check baits, nothing. At brunch we get a call from Johnny a big Tom came to check the bait, he did not eat, just walked around. We hope he feeds tonight now that he knows the bait is there.
Afternoon we relocate to another camp for Hyena, Kudu and Duiker. We arrive at Rex hunts in Damaraland at 5pm. very basic camp Lukas uses. We drove around looking for Kudu, nothing. On way back to camp we run over a jackal in the road. Ate a very late supper and will head out at 11:00pm for Hyena hunt.
Very tall grass it will be hard to spot the Hyena. We used spot lights as we drove around and stopped at a couple areas to call with no luck. With the tall grass it is tough to find the right roads to get out of the area, with no traffic on the roads they are not worn down. Lost we were for awhile. We finally get back to camp at 4:30am. Not a exciting Hyena outing, don't have to do it again.

Wednesday March 29th, Day six. Found two lizards in closet, they made so much noise the night before. Too fast i could not catch them. We had coffee and need to assess the day with Arvey. Looked for duiker with no luck, very hot. The neighbor said he has good Kudu 55-57", will check it out for this afternoon hunt. Seen more Kudu here then the rest of our travels. Just not the one. Will go back in the morning for a couple hours.
Received word a leopard caught a duiker back at base camp.


Thursdsay March 30th, Day seven. Seen only a few kudu. Shot another jackal. Back to camp and packed up to return to base camp. Will check out the leopard kill.
It seems the cat was scared off the kill Wednesday when they found it. Following the drag marks in the dirt , when they found the kill the duiker had not yet been eaten and the spoor shows a running animal. The cat did not come back Wednesday night either.
Went to Lukas's farm for duiker and shot a warthog for bait. Heading to blind at water hole, a duiker was coming up the fence line. We stalked down the fence line and intercepted the duiker. My shot was a little far back with the .17 so we left him lay over night. Will take extra help along in the morning.

Friday March 31st, Day eight. Went and found duiker after a little searching. It cooled down over night so duiker was in good condition.
The cat returned Thursday night to the duiker kill and ate all the carcass. It was either a female or small male. Reason we did not set up a blind there.
A bait was hit at Lukas's a big tom. We set up the blind but the cat did not return to the bait. He was in the area cuz the wildebeest, kudu and duikers were very vocal. Trackers said he did not wind us it was because he feed good the night before.


Saturday April 1st, Day nine. Did the same tour to check baits, it is a whole day affair. No other baits are active. We will sit again at the bait of the big tom.
No cat again.

Sunday April 2nd, Day ten. Did the bait check again with no activity. Will sit again at the bait of the big tom just to be there. Will stay the night at Lukas's farm to save some travel time to the airport Monday.

This was my second leopard hunt with Lukas. I will try again someday somewhere.
Congrats on your hunt and thanks for sharing!
Man sounds like you got some good animals for your tiny ten! Sorry about the leopard but that seems to be the case when hunting leopards. Wish it had happened for you.
Sorry to hear that you were not able to seal the deal on a leopard. Tough to go that far and not have it happen. Nice buff. Some good additions to your tiny 10 too. Thanks for sharing. Bruce
Bad luck on the leopard it seems but that is hunting. Some nice tiny ones though.

Glad to see in the end some of the people did what was right and made the buff/sable hunt work for you. Must of been nerve racking not knowing what was going on for so long.
You certainly had your dramas Roger. I am glad it all worked out for you in the end.
Thanks for sharing your story.
You hung on to what could easily have been a disaster! Good for you because it turned out good!
Leopards...apparently very tough to seal the deal. Hopefully next time, but it was pretty interesting and apparently a nice Tom was close.
Thanks for sharing!
Bad luck on the leopard it seems but that is hunting. Some nice tiny ones though.

Glad to see in the end some of the people did what was right and made the buff/sable hunt work for you. Must of been nerve racking not knowing what was going on for so long.

Leopards have it too easy with all the cattle around to pick from.
Nerve racking to say the least when you hunt starts in 27 days.

Thanks so much for reading my posts.

Installment #3 my August 2017 East Cape Tiny 10's was to get done tonight but never even got it started. Keep watching.
You are hunting hard, eventually everything will come together on the leopard!
Roger I'm Glad Ruan made it right in the end.
No one needs that kind of excitement before a hunt.

Leopard that live in cattle country are not easy to hunt. In the end, timing is everything.
Hope you get another chance.

Congrats on your your successes.
Thanks for sharing a very good report
Wish you the best on your next leopard hunt. Thanks for the reports.
You and me bud on the leopard hunt. They are tuff! I’m hoping my
PH get a tag in 2019. Congratulations on the rest of your trophies.

I'm sorry you got put through the stress you did. I've been in somewhat similar circumstances and it's not a good place to be. I'm glad Ruan honored the contract that you agreed to and in the end you got your animals, at least on the RSA portion of your hunt.

Jacques intended on hunting with HV clients that he had signed contracts with when he left for Serapa even after he was no longer part of the business. As I understand it, that happened with a number of clients, but unfortunately not all. There are extenuating circumstances regarding the situation that I personally am not free to discuss. Regardless of the circumstances, it should not have happened.

I've made Jacques @AAA Africa Serapa Safaris aware of this thread and he intends to reply also to this thread. Again, sorry that you got put through that stress.
Hello guys,

Thank you Roger for posting the report.

I would like to add my part on here:

1. I did DISCUSS every single price we agreed upon under the attention of the staff of Hartzview. I even wrote it down in a black book myself in my hand writing before leaving HV. I wrote down every single detail of every safari with every single animal and price I booked for Hartzview for the 2016 season including your safari sir, there were never a question that any of the prices agreed upon would change. I reassured you on the phone and on e-mail.

In this book I also wrote down every single clients e-mail address and phone number, we agreed that HV will notify all clients that I have left and that the safaris that they booked with HV will stay exactly as agreed upon between me and the client! I cannot be blamed if they did not follow up sir.

2. I will apologise that it might have taken a couple of days to reply to e-mails some times but I did reply or I made sure some one got in contact with you. I did assure you that all was in place for you safari and you had nothing to worry about.

We are hunting and do not always have the time to reply immediately so I am sorry if you felt that you were ignored, that was never the case. I do however feel that you over exaggerated the fact that I never replied and that I was full of excuses all the time, I don't have time for making excuses. I tried to handle the split from HV to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

At the time of your safari I had too much going on between the 2 companies and trying to keep everybody happy I simply could not make the safari to be your PH at Hartzview, we cannot always predict life Roger, I will apologise that I could not have been your PH but my hands were tied.

3. One very important part of your report you forgot to add, was that I made a effort to come see you and Eric at HV, even though I was swamped in work and safaris! At that stage I have been hunting away from home for more than 3 months while my wife had to take care of our 7 month old baby boy, STILL I put my family second and drove 4 hours to spend time with you guys on the last night you were in camp, that was the only night I had open in a long time as the next day I started with a new safari at Serapa.

I have and will always stand by what I say and promise my clients and will do anything to make right on mistakes / problems that might occur or that has been made by me or my company, every company makes a mistakes. To see a one sided report thrown on to a forum insinuating that I am a liar and not good for my word is definitely not the way to work things out sir! If I knew that it was such a big issue for you I would have gladly done anything to make it right towards you Roger but I did not know you were this upset with me!

I am still open to make this right towards you, so please feel free to contact me privately or on the thread at any time.

Thank you and looking forward on hearing from you soon.
One more report for you AH members.

August 2017 Eastern Cape Tiny 10 with KMG Safaris.

After returning home from my March 2017 leopard/Tiny 10 hunt in Namibia, I noticed the great August special Marius from KMG Safaris out of Port Elizabeth was offering on AH forum.
$265 daily rate and 20% discount off his already reasonable trophy fees. I just could not help myself and had to contact Marius about what I was thinking.
Everything came together with prices, permits and my time schedule but Marius wanted a pretty quick answer so he could secure the PH he wanted for this hunt. This was a no brainer special I could not pass up so my answer was a quick yes.

My target species listed below are the Tiny 10 available in the East Cape.
Blue Duiker
Cape Grysbuck
In addition to those three are,
Copper Springbuck
Vaal Rhebok
If the opportunity existed or if we had the extra time, I listed four more so permits could be secured.
Bat Eared Fox

Now to just wait the 5 months for the long flight over the pond again.

Monday August 21st, I depart Aberdeen South Dakota for the 3 hour trip to Sioux Falls South Dakota for my flight on Tuesday.

Tuesday 22nd, My flight out is at 7am. I arrived in Chicago and made my next flight with OK time for Washington Dulles. Dulles to Joburg no issues.

Wednesday 23rd, In Joburg I meet up with Mr. X from Afton Safari Lodge and finished my pre-approved gun permit. Less then 2 minutes. The Afton Safari Lodge van had just left with 5 hunters and returned for myself and 2 more hunters from Utah. The lodge was busy. The food was great!

Thursday 24th, Up at 6 for breakfast and to airport at 8 for my 10:30 flight to PE. I was meet in PE by my PH Martin. This was my travel day to camp, but we were going to go to the concession for the Grysbuck because it was closer from the airport then from the lodge. The trip was cancelled because the weather was cold, cloudy and windy. So to KMG camp we went. Blue Duiker would be target specie for Friday.

Friday 25th, Day one. Actual first day of hunting. Blue Duiker is first order of business. Permits are scarce. This hunt because of the species required a lot of windshield time. We meet up with Robin the landowner who is a pineapple farmer, pineapples everywhere. Duikers are in the creek bottoms and need to be pushed by the dogs and use a shotgun.
First draw did not produce a Duiker. Second draw the Duiker was like a torpedo and i had a clean miss. Third draw I missed again, these little critters have nothing slow about them. 4th draw no shot, the shooting lanes are mostly traveling trails, not much room for a shot at their speed. The dogs happen to turn the Duiker around and he came back and stopped at ten feet. #5 of Tiny 10 checked off the list.

Now off for the Oribi. These permits are also highly sought after and hard to come by. There was one available when Marius and I began discussing my hunt wishes, but it was for a broken horn Oribi. It was offered at a discounted price which i agreed to because as a taxidermist I can fix it. Marius then contacted me that the Oribi was a one horn only Oribi. Again I can fix this if I want and counter offered the price and saved a little more.
We meet up with Jeff and began looking for the Oribi. Seen many females and a few other rams but one horn. The pastures were open with many different sized rocks and some cattle. The Oribi's liked to lay among the rocks which made it very hard to see them. We moved onto the next pasture and the Oribi stands up in the pasture we just left close to the cattle. He moves off to our left and stops, by then my rifle is resting on a rock. PH Martin ranges him @ 220 yds. The .270 barks and I check #6 off my Tiny 10 list.

Saturday 26th, Copper Springbuck is target specie today. It is 2 1/2 hr. drive to concession. Did I mention this hunt had a lot of windshield time?
We meet up with Donay a female owner who showed us the springbuck area and boundaries. The concession is wide open and hilly. It did not take long to find the rams and the stalk was on for and hour before a shot was presented. Now for equipment malfunction and I shot over the ram. The chase was on again.
1 1/2 hours later I get another shot @ 157 yds. to complete my Springbuck slam.

Sunday 27th, Suppose to be Vaal Rhebok and Grysbuck hunting, but landowner did not have ranch hands available because of the weekend so all hunts are called off. We went to check out some Roans, but i passed for I considered them cull animals and could not get the price down lower. Stalked some baboon until the Zebras busted us. I want a large male for a door greeter in the studio. i have a life size sitting one.
Back to camp for lunch and back in the bush at 2:30 just to see what we could find. Checked out some archery blinds, checked game camera at bushpig bait pile for tonight hunt and call it a day. Sat in the blind for bushpig but no show.

Monday 28th, 2 1/2 hr. drive toward Port Elizabeth for Vaal Rhebok and Grysbuck. We will stay in PE the night. Morning hunt for the Vaal Rhebok was a bust, one small one and many females. Seen many Mountain Reedbuck but no shooters. Before dark, we set up with the spot lights for the Grysbuck hunt. They are very nocturnal. Spotted a female right away. Couple hundred yards produced the Bat Eared Fox, shortly after the Aardwolf. Couple hours later a Genet I could not get a shot at and shortly after the Cape Grysbuck, #7 of Tiny 10 off the list.

Tuesday 29th, We are out looking for Vaal Rhebok, nothing in sight first couple hours. The landowner calls that the fence workers had seen some Vaalies. We go visit with them and find out where they seen them. We turn around and drive a short distance and 3 Rhebok , one Ram and two females jump up and take off. At 250yds. I get a shot and miss. Game on. We look for them a couple hours with no luck. On the way out of the area, Martin my PH wants to check one more spot and sure enough they are there. The Ram is moving away with females on both sides of him. I wait for a broadside shot that does not happen before they flee not to be seen again.
We visit some with landowner who has 2000 head of sheep on his property. We arrive back at lodge 8pm.

Wednesday 30th, It is a long drive to another area for Vaalies, wide open hilly country. Tuesday area was pretty void of Vaalies. Many Vaalies here but they spot us first and are gone. We lay waiting on another herd for 1/2 hr. but only females. In another part of the property we find in the hind ham. No blood for the hound to track him, we scour the landscape for over an hour with no sight of him. Oh ya, it cost me. Time to head to lodge and arrive 8:45pm.

Thursday 31st, last day. We sleep in for it is too long drive to hunt Vaalies again. I am not hunting the Roan for all 3 had some sort of distorted horns for the cost. Relaxed and packed for home.

Friday Sept. 1st, Off to PE early because 6 Denmark hunters arrive and two vehicles are needed. None of their baggage arrives. They had to go to town for hunting clothes. My flight for Joburg leaves at 12:55. I miss my flight in Washington Dulles to Chicago cuz of customs and rifle scan, but get next flight out and still arrive in Sioux Falls on time. 3 hour drive back to Aberdeen.

Thanks to Marius, Louw, Nicole, Graham Ollie, Martin, Donna, Jeff, Robin, Forla for a wonderful African experience and making my 10th African trip unforgettable. Everyone was a first class act.

I have and will always stand by what I say and promise my clients and will do anything to make right on mistakes / problems that might occur or that has been made by me or my company, every company makes a mistakes. To see a one sided report thrown on to a forum insinuating that I am a liar and not good for my word is definitely not the way to work things out sir! If I knew that it was such a big issue for you I would have gladly done anything to make it right towards you Roger but I did not know you were this upset with me!

Thanks for your response Jacques. Had you replied to me in this fashion while I was looking for answers on our hunt, portions of my report would of been different.
I'm not going to get into a pissing match here, there is no sense in that.
My report here is just that, what i experienced before, during and after my safari, it is not one sided because you have the option to respond, as you did. Members will make their own conclusions.
As for you coming to camp, I had voiced to Ruan that there was no need for you to come to camp. Either he did not tell you or you ignored it.
I do take offence to the comment of me insinuating that you are a liar! Where in this report do I say that? Please enlighten me.

Tough luck on the Vaalie.
Those critters should be in the tiny ten. They sure are a tough small target.

You got plenty done and got some nice trophies.

(All the rest, you just called it like you felt it. Onward for everyone.)
Thanks for your response Jacques. Had you replied to me in this fashion while I was looking for answers on our hunt, portions of my report would of been different.
I'm not going to get into a pissing match here, there is no sense in that.
My report here is just that, what i experienced before, during and after my safari, it is not one sided because you have the option to respond, as you did. Members will make their own conclusions.
As for you coming to camp, I had voiced to Ruan that there was no need for you to come to camp. Either he did not tell you or you ignored it.
I do take offence to the comment of me insinuating that you are a liar! Where in this report do I say that? Please enlighten me.


Thank you for the reply Roger.

I said that you insinuated in the way you wrote the report, feels like you said that nothing was what I told you it would be while the safari was arranged and in place. I am sorry if you took offense and will pull back what I said.

I went to camp to see you guys, we could have worked out any problems in person before you left HV, if you just talked to me in person about the problems you had then a lot would have been different too. I was not aware of what you voiced to any one sir.

Everything a side, again I do apologize for the less than average experience and that I was not able to hunt with you myself. I truly wanted the best for you and Eric like I do for all my clients.

I am willing to make it right from my side in any way so please let me know if there is anything I can do for you at anytime. I still value you as a friend and client.

Best regards,


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I ran across a message from you a couple of years ago while I was going through old emails. I have arranged a second bison hunt in Nebraska in September 2024, about 6-years after the first, when my supply of bison meat was exhausted. My email is [redacted].
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