ZIMBABWE: Off To Zimbabwe With AH Friends


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May 7, 2013
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17 Days and counting down to a grand adventure in Zimbabwe with some AH Friends @Philip Glass @YancyW @TOBY458 as well as Tim who is a friend of Philip‘s. This is my first trip to Zimbabwe and the second time I have hunted with some friends from AH. I had a great time hunting Hippo in South Africa back in 2018 with @Art Lambart II @TOBY458 and @Shootist43. Frankly, a hunt with friends from this community is simply the best. So this will be the second hunt together for Toby and myself. This time our hunt will be conducted by Dalton & York Safaris in the Omay concession along the shore of lake Kariba and the Ume river. I have been paired with Gareth Brown as my PH.
I did have a great conversation this morning with Gareth via WhatsApp and I’m very excited to have him guide my hunt. Having seen him on YouTube in an episode of This is Africa Five hunting with Chad Allen I know I will be in good hands…now I just have to keep up with him. Gareth is a massive man the likes of an NFL offensive tackle and he assures me he will take smaller steps in the bush. Lucky for me!
Art Lambart has been to the range with me to get the 470 NE and the 416 Ruger ready for action…..many thanks Art. I should also mention that another friend Simon let me, Art and his dad come to his range to practice and pick up a few pointers from a real pro with a firearm.
The checklist has been updated for this particular hunt and all the items assembled down in my reloading room. I just need to treat my clothes with Sawyers insect spray this week and then everything can go in the suitcase.
As always I will keep everyone informed and take you along for the adventure. For now I will just say that one takes a 470 NE double and a 416 Ruger to Africa for serious business. Stay tuned.
I’m sure my AH hunting partners will make comments and no doubt provide their own hunting reports.
Charlie, sounds like a great adventure and cannot to wait to read all about it! Prayers for safe travels and hunting for all of you! :giggle:
Charlie, sounds like a great adventure and cannot to wait to read all about it! Prayers for safe travels and hunting for all of you! :giggle:
Thank you Gina. Given the circumstances of your last adventure in Africa I have my prescription of Malarone to get started with the day of departure. Our group will not have an RN such as yourself along so as they say an ounce of prevention ……worth a pound of cure.
Sounds like a great time to be had @CAustin. Last year’s leopard trip will be tough to beat, but I think this one will give it a run for it’s money. :D Beers:

:D Pop Popcorn:
Yep hard to beat that one. But this hunt is in the Omay so no telling we will encounter. Interestingly enough my leopard should be on a plane out of Namibia this week.
I have heard so many good reports on YouTube and from our own @Philip Glass about Qsuites on Qatar Airways that I bookEd one for this incredibly long journey.
Four of us will meet up in Dallas and fly Qatar to Doha. Toby will fly out of Atlanta and meet us in Doha. From there it’s on to Lusaka, Zambia. We will only be on the ground less than two hours then on to Harare, Zimbabwe.
Then we have a charter plane taking us to a strip near the camp. 30 hours in the air so I wonder how much I can sleep and how many movies I can watch? Bourbon in copious amounts should induce the necessary sleep.
Have a great hunt. Can’t wait to get over there to hunt with them myself.
It should be epic buddy, look forward to hearing all about it!
CAustin, you’re going to love Qatar’s Q Suites. Great comfort, service and food. Enjoy a wonderful hunt and travels.
Good luck Charlie. Looking forward to your report.
Good luck to all of you guys! Already sitting in anticipation of your reports!
Can’t wait to hear all about it good luck!!
Good luck to all of you guys! Already sitting in anticipation of your reports!
Lay in a supply of pop corn and get ready.
Should be a great hunt in one of the truly great places.
That’s quite the crew. We are all in for a bunch of great trip reports in about a month. Good luck and be safe gentlemen.
You are headed to the place of adventure Charlie. I hope you have a great hunt.

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