ZIMBABWE: FANTASTIC Zimbabwe Double Buffalo At Shangani Safaris

Discussion in 'Hunting Reports Africa' started by C.W. Richter, Aug 25, 2017.

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    I got it last week and saw the article right away. Great article by your son.
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    The Beasts (#1 mounted and #2 hanging at the farm as a Euro until Sonnyboy gets out of school and can enjoy it at his home or office) have finally arrived "home"...

    IMG_20181020_123339968~2.jpg IMG_20181112_160457581~2.jpg IMG_20181216_214437717~2.jpg
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    I am the person that is referred to in this post and I will stand by my report. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Lloyd while in the truck hunting with him. One of the nicer gentlemen I've ever been with. Most of what you were told it true but not all. Juan Pace was the booking agent that put three people in the same camp with on PH (Lloyd), unbeknownst to any of the three. Lloyd worked very hard to try to hunt all three but it was an impossible situation. There was never another PH brought into camp! For the first three days Juan Pace took myself and a gentleman from Germany out on one side of the concession (where there was no game) while Lloyd ran Leopard baits with the third hunter. We didn't know it at the time but Juan Pace wasn't licensed in Zim and the game scout was being bribed to allow it. On the last day of the hunt Lloyd told be when he found out three hunters were in his charge he contacted his brother who was also a PH and was going to bring him into camp to help but Juan refused to pay for him to come in. I have no idea what the other two hunters paid or didn't pay for? I know they were understandably upset when they left camp but they both did shoot at animals. The only animal I shot on a 12 day buffalo hunt was a Zebra which I paid $1200 for with a check written to Lloyd that he cashed and I stood behind. After two years of emails to both Lloyd and Juan Pace (most of which were never answered) and never being given any satisfaction as to when or if I would receive my animal I wrote the report. After I wrote the report Lloyd did email saying he would take my Zebra skin to be shipped. As it turns out it went through some special permit system because proper licenses were not used when I shot the animal and I had to pay to have it tanned in Zim and special paperwork done to get a "special" permit to get it out of the country. This cost me over $2000 on top of normal shipping and handling fees that I wouldn't have had to pay had the proper licenses been used when harvesting the Zebra. By the time I finally received my skin it had been over three years since I left camp and I'm 100% confident I would never have received my skin had I not written the report.

    As far as Lloyd is concerned he seemed like a nice person while in camp. He tried very hard in a impossible situation. Whether he knew about this or not ahead of time I have no idea. He told me he didn't know and I take him at his word. I do know Juan Pace was the ringleader in this entire affair and I know he is still booking hunts. Lloyd did contact me after this was all over and offered to take me on a buffalo hunt at a reduced rate which I appreciated but never accepted. I am attaching the exact email Lloyd sent to me after this was all concluded. Again, I stand by my report and I swear on my life that all that I wrote is true to the best of my knowledge. I would not be afraid to hunt with Lloyd and I think this was a terrible situation perpetrated by Juan Pace and that is why I amended what I had written at the end of the report. Could Lloyd have handled things better, yes. I think he was upset because he felt cheated by Juan and we got caught in the middle. It is not my desire to harm Lloyd or his reputation. Had I received my animal I would never have written a negative report. It was only after numerous unanswered emails that I decided others need to know what was happening. I think when the dust finally settled he tried to make things right but it took the negative report to make that happen. I am only writing this because I feel my word was being questioned in this report and I wanted to clear the air, if that is possible.

    Here is the last email I received from Lloyd in it's entirety:

    Hi Gerry
    Thank you for what you posted. I really appreciate it.
    Just so you know exactly what I knew going into the hunt. Juan originally booked Chappie on a Leopard hunt and then later told me he had a German client that had a disaster hunt with him in Mozambique and he wanted to make ammends with him. At the time I had a elephant available for the German to hunt. Juan then told me that he had a American friend ( thats you ) who wanted to come and film Chappies hunt and the Germans hunt to do a promo video for Juan and me, He then asked if it was possible for you to be able to shoot a buffalo if the opportunity presented itself. I had extra buffalo so I agreed to you taking one. I had no idea that you were told by Juan that you were booked to do a buffalo hunt. I only agreed to this deal because I thought that Chappie was the main hunt and you would tag along and film the hunt and if there was time for you to hunt and shoot a buffalo then you could do it. For that very reason, I never charged you a daily rate to hunt. The same goes for the German client.
    I was as surprised as you were when you arrived that Juan had lied to you by telling you that he was one of the PH's ! To make matters worse he did not tell you that there would be another two clients that you would hunt with and that there would only be myself as the PH.
    As it turned out the time wasted trying to get Chappie his leopard and hippo affected your time to actually hunt.
    I had registered Chappie as the client on the TR2 paperwork before the hunt commenced which is the legal requirement. It would have been impossible for me to register you on a TR2 as a full paying client doing a buffalo hunt. Our Reserve Bank Laws insist on all hunters to be declared with banking proof that all hunters had paid the full daily rate which they have a minimum amount of daily rate per day that is acceptable. The reason for this is that they dont want any Zimbabwean to leave foreign currency out of the country. They want all of it brought back into Zimbabwe.
    Because Chappie had no trophies to be exported Juan could not send your zebra skin to South Africa under Chappies name. Juan should have made a plan earlier to export your trophy without you having to pay all those extra fees. Its very obvious to me now that he did not care at all about getting your trophy out by using his other clients that hunted Zimbabwe to ship your Zebra with their trophies.
    My hands were completely legally tied to export your Zebra . I did receive $1,250 from you of which I had to pay our Council $850 for it. I had no daily rate from you in order to register you aTR2 to legally export your trophy. I understand that this it not your fault but it shows that both you and I got cheated by Juan.
    It is illegal for Juan to guide you as a PH in Zimbabwe. For that reason Juan could not take you to shoot a buffalo . I was not prepared to risk losing my License and my only livelyhood over this. I lost money on your hunt because I had to feed you and accomodate you which exceeded the $300 profit that I made on your zebra. It costs a minimum of $75 per day to break even accomodating one person. It should not have been expected of me to make things right on this hunt by spending a further $250 per day to pay for a second PH. On top of that I would have had to come up with a minimum amount of $ 375 per day to legally register you with your own TR2 paperwork. This was not the agreement that I had with Juan. I did not financially gain anything from you or the German. I also lost in the region of $6,000 on this hunt because of Juans dishonesty. The blame of you not getting your zebra the correct way and all the frustration is due to Juan and not me. The only reason that I offered you a return discounted hunt was purely because I liked you and because you had been cheated by a man who had also cheated me. I wanted things to be made right because you had hunted on my Concession . I felt that it was the honorable thing to do and not because I had done anything wrong. I regret doing any business with Juan and I was too trusting and got burnt like you did.
    I hope that you would consider a return hunt so that you can be treated the right way from the start. I do sympathise with you. I just wanted you to know where I stood in this whole disaster. Juan has been trying to make contact with me to book clients ! I dont even respond as he is too thick skinned to actually see that he is not only cheating everyone but himself as well !
    Please keep in touch.

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    Let this be a lesson to anyone using a booking agent. Always talk directly to the operator as soon as the hunt is booked to make sure everything is disclosed before you spend another dime on your second payment. Some agents try to keep you away from the operator. If there is nothing to hide, an agent should have no problem with you communicating directly with the operator as long as you don’t bother the operator too much. Most questions can be answered by the agent but make sure the major issues are confirmed with both. I learned this on my first trip to Africa with a friend/client of mine. He was hunting leopard, buffalo, sable and PG. I was hunting PG. We had to switch concessions due to a leopard quota problem. The operator had told this to the agent but the agent did not tell us and we did not find out until we arrived in Zim. It all worked out but we should have known before arriving.

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    Juan Pace....Man this guy just keeps getting BAD reports!
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