Zeiss 7x42 Dialyt B T* West Germany For Sale

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    Re-posting as last ad got buried

    Zeiss 7x42 dialyt b t* west germany

    Rubber coating good, was replaced not long ago. Lenses good, very very very very light signs of wiping, but clear as daylight.

    Superb, if not the best bino’s ever made

    Priced to sell at £600 sterling posted worldwide. Insured to full value

    I can accept bank transfer/wire or PayPal gift/friends/family. I will not accept non-gift PayPal as I have been stolen from several times not being able to recover the goods after the buyers reversed payment. Sorry.

    Members of the forum such as Witold can attest to my previous sales such as scope mounts etc having been accurate and delivered promptly.

    FECAA982-0C84-432A-A0BC-BF45B953A8D4.jpeg 6B105F3E-C415-4A9A-A94A-20E52B059C46.jpeg 1DBD9C0D-70E9-429E-B5E5-C719C3DE6407.jpeg B0F0D2BB-B029-43E3-B5FF-647DECBAC289.jpeg 7470C05B-B083-40FB-A5A4-83B4E59AA47C.jpeg
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