Zebra Impala Eland Hunt - Limited Last Quota

Discussion in 'DEALS & OFFERS' started by aj hunting, Jun 12, 2009.

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    I have just a short while ago, gained access to 7 Zebra , 2 Cape-Livingston Eland bulls , and around 12 impala rams .
    the eland & zebra have to be hunted before August 2009 .
    I'll offer the following limited deal ,
    ( 2 ) mature eland bulls
    ( 2 ) two zebra
    ( 2 ) mature impala rams
    all for an amazing $ 15 520-00
    this one time offer will include.........Get This !!!

    1) the 6 above mentioned animals
    2) return airfare to & from South Africa
    3) airport tax
    4) five days accommodation , all meals in the hunting lodges or camps , all non-alcoholic beverages .
    5) full time service of two professional guides , skinners , transport to and round the hunting areas
    6 ) hunting permits , and licenses
    AND GET THIS .........!!!!
    7) I will have your 6 trophies shoulder mounted at our taxidermy studio .

    should you wish to bring along an additional hunting companion , i will re negotiate with my travel agent , but add an additional $ 2000-00 onto the above fee .

    contact me on my mobile direct + 27 82 564 2108 or email.


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    If the airfare is from the U.S to Africa...this deal is pretty good. The one thing that worries me is the 5 days. Eland can be the devil to hunt. I know personally. I know a number of people that have come home empty...it all depends on the ranch and how easy they are to get in the open. Eland hunting can be brutal. And I know a lot of people that would love one!

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