ZAMBIA: Takeri Reserve Zambia

right , that's it , im coming over early , pick me up tonight ..........:D:D
cracker animals , spikey....
that bushbuck , will just be set nice in the coolroom for tea on monday night
will the hunter be doing a report?

Looking forward to hearing all about it bluey.
Lucky fella putting those magnificent animals in the bag in one morning!

Thanks for sharing.

Very nice!
Great start ... really like that bushbuck!
thanks for the compliments everyone, that was day three and had checked some sable out in the previous two days and then the one Tony liked vanished when we went looking for it, even though we are only just over 8,000.00 acres ;). the client is one of Bennie Lategans (Wes @Buff-Buster hunted with him in SA recently) regular clients, and Bennie booked the hunt for him and came with him. Patsy with Bennie tagging along guided Tony to the trophies, i am just the chauffeur :P Driver::D. Bennie brought another client last year but i wasnt here, so it was a pleasure to meet him, as he is a real nice person. here is the Kafue Lechwe with Tony and Bennie taken this morning completing Tonys animals he wanted. (took 40mins yesterday to load the 4 photos....:E Sleeping:)
wow those are two dream animals and super trophies any hunter would be happy with. Great job
Wow Kafue Lechwe worth the hole trip for sure, great animal.....!!!!
Nice going Mike, keep a few good ones for Bluey !
Lovely KafueLechwe!

Do you hunt the Black Lechwe there as well?

i asked tony if he would do a report and he said he would , so hopefully a new member. he doesnt get back to the states for about 5/6 days as spending a few days with bennie. @Redruff no we only have kafue lechwe . as far as i know you would have to go to the bangweulu swamps to hunt the black lechwe.
@Redruff[/USER] no we only have kafue lechwe . as far as i know you would have to go to the bangweulu swamps to hunt the black lechwe.

Thank you for the info. Again beautiful place you got there.

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Ok spike they all needed another year or two! So I could be the one hunting them! Awesome trophies Congrats!

well @Bobpuckett you had better hurry as all being well @bluey says he is coming back with his daughter in 2 years , and he is worried already that when she gets going there wont be anything left for you............;)

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