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Jul 6, 2014
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I am writing in recommendation of Professional Hunter, Patsy Hahn and the Takeri Private Reserve (Mpongwe, Zambia). I am an experienced African hunter having completed 11 safaris across the continent and taken the Big 5, Dangerous 7, the South African 37, and the Tiny 10.

Recently, I had the pleasure of returning to Zambia to hunt for some Plains Game species which I failed to take on my first trip to Zambia in 1990. Patsy arranged for a wonderful one day hunt in the Kafue Flats where I took record book-class Puku and Kafue Flats Lechwe. The latter had an amazing 31 ½” horns, which according to the people at SCI records, was one of the largest Kafue Lechwe taken in Zambia in the past decade.

We then journeyed to the Takeri Private Reserve, which is located west of Mpongwe along the Kafue River in northern Zambia. There, I took Gold Medal Chobe Bushbuck, Sable and Crayshaw’s Defassa Waterbuck in four days of hunting. The Sable in particular, was a trophy of a lifetime measuring 44 2/8”.

Takeri has a large number of record book Sable and Chobe Bushbuck, along with Waterbuck, Puku, Kafue Lechwe, Zebra, Reedbuck and other Plains Game species. The camp is in a stunningly beautiful location above the Kafue River with more than adequate accommodations and fantastic food. Patsy knows every inch of the Reserve and is an excellent PH and hunting companion. She knows everyone in the country and was an invaluable asset in getting me and my rifle in and out of the country through the typical government bureaucracy. Anyone who has a stereotype opinion that women cannot be good professional hunters should meet Patsy Hahn!

I highly recommend both Patsy and Takeri to anyone looking to take some classic Zambian animals. Check out the photos of the Sable and the Kafue Lechwe under Wilson "Dub" Crook.

Wilson "Dub" Crook

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Wilson thank you for sharing. Sounds like the Sable was indeed a big boy.
Have you used Patsy before or was this the first time? Do you have any photos of the camps you stayed in to share?
Thanks for the hunt report. Would love some pictures of your hunt.
Would be great to see some pics of those amazing trophys........thanks for share with us......!!!!
I did not take any photos of the lodge and guest chalet but if you go to you can see them. The guest chalet is more than adequate; not as luxurious as some in South Africa these days bit has two single beds, a large area for your gear and a stand-up cabinet to hang clothes, a separate bathroom with flush toilet and hot water shower. The only drawback is electricity is solar and lasts only about an hour of usage. So you have to be judicious in terms of power usage after sunset and in the morning.
Wilson those animals are exceptional trophies.
hi welcome to AH. shame i missed you but am only heading back to zambia now (well should be 4 1/2 hours on way to joburg but the ba flight was cancelled till tomorrow as a cleaner managed to activate the gas fire extinguishers in the crews rest area, so lunch time tomorrow.....) thanks for the great report, and yup patsy is very efficient at sorting stuff!!!!cheers mike
Good work Patsy.

Congratulations on some very nice trophies.
Enysse is exactly right both trophies are fine but that Sable is outstanding.
Great report Wilson. The Lechwe is great, the sable is even greater!
I have really wanted to hunt there. Just not enough $ to do all of the hunting that I want to do. Some beautiful trophies. Always wanted a Sable like that one... I also love the lechwe. Beautiful animals. Congrats. Bruce
Outstanding, and thank you for the post/photos.
Congrats, Wilson, a great hunt and outstanding trophies !

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the report and those are some awesome animals! Yes hunting with Patsy and dealing with Spike is high on my bucket list, I figure I can con Spike out of at lease 1 Beer. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats on a great hunt Wilson.
Thanks for the report and those are some awesome animals! Yes hunting with Patsy and dealing with Spike is high on my bucket list, I figure I can con Spike out of at lease 1 Beer. Thanks for sharing.
Bob, somehow i don't think 1 beer will be the problem!!
Either way, get here asap!
way to go dub , nice animals mate .
just makes me want to get there as soon as possible .
the girl guide is definitely a go get em type girl .
congratulations to yourself and patsy.
welcome to AH, mate......(y)(y)(y)(y)
Bob, somehow i don't think 1 beer will be the problem!!
Either way, get here asap!

yup pete the 1 beer had me confused as well!! :D and bob we are looking forward to you coming to visit dont , just dont leave it too long "beer smiley" ........need the smileys back!!
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